Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sigma Makeup New Site: Now Selling Individual Brushes!

Looks like Sigma Makeup has launched a new site, and has now opted to sell every single brush separately! So no need to buy a full kit to just get certain brushes, you can choose which ones you get now and build your own kit. I am glad that they finally decided to do this, the main reason why I waited so long to order from them was because a full brush kit just did not interest me and the brushes that I wanted seemed to be out of stock at times.

It's funny cause two nights ago, I was contemplating an order and decided to go with allcosmeticswholesale instead because they sell the Sigma brushes individually and I did end up placing an order with them instead! For the SS188 and the SS138. But you know what, shipping was only $6.75 with ACW and $7 per brush with Sigma to Canada, so I guess I made the right decision. But I still find it odd that they just happened to change their site around, just a few hours after I placed my order. But now I look and shipping one brush to Ontario Canada is $2.27! So yeah, next time, maybe Sigma will get my purchase instead, we shall see.

They've also changed their brush numbering, it looks like all the SS/MAC numbers are gone and replaced with Fxx. Which is a good move, but it will be confusing at first I think. And you can sort the brushes by prices, most popular and other ways. There is also a "shop by function" which splits brushes into categories like blush, highlight, contour, concealer, different eye application techniques and so on, which is helpful too.

Click here to check out Sigma's new website.


Dollface said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh this is brill news, going to check it out asap!

Thanks sweetie!

PoorCollegeStudent said... Best Blogger Tips

I was wondering what that talk of a new site was about! Thanks for the info!

mint said... Best Blogger Tips

hm.. i haven't used sigma items before but they look like good items. thanks for the info ^^

Becky said... Best Blogger Tips

Great news! I'll check the new web

Hershley's Sweet Kiss said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!