Friday, July 23, 2010

Review: Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstain in Bitten Berry

maybelline color sensational lipstain
Lipstains are definitely a trend right now, every companies has put out their version, Cover Girl, Revlon, Joe Fresh, Tarte, MAC, and many others. Maybelline recently put out some too. I love the Color Sensational lipsticks, so I thought I would like these lip stains too. I haven't tried too many lipstains, so I was curious how Maybelline's would be. The description of these is "Color Sensational Lipstain contains a brand new technology that combines water pigments with berry nectars and solvents for weightless, sheer colour payoff." They are supposed to give that "just bitten" flush, which automatically makes me think of Revlon's lipstain, as they are called "just bitten", maybe Revlon beat them to the punch with that name.

maybelline colorsensational lipstain
These lipstains have the marker applicator, a la sharpie, you basically colour in your lips, depending on how pigmented you want them, you can build it up or just put one coat. Judging by the website, I couldn't find any information about these on Maybelline's website, there are 8 shades of this product. I picked this up in the colour "Bitten Berry", it cost be $8 CAD at Walmart. I've really been liking all the purple, lilac lipsticks coming out lately so I thought this would be a good colour to choose. That turned out to not be the case.

maybelline colorsensational lipstain
The main concerns that people have with lipstains is that they can be drying, not so good staying power, and limited color range. These Maybelline lipstains definitely fall into all three of those categories. They don't really feel drying on, but they do fall into your fine lines. Just from swatching them on your hand, you can see it seeping into the lines  (see pic above). The staying power, not great, if you eat/drink/smoke, these will come off, and you will be left with that charming line around your lips which I loathe. I have read that the Cover Girl Outlast do not last at all and these are apparently better than that, which doesn't say much.

In terms of the color selection, it's not very varied, mostly reds. I have read many bloggers say that the colour on the tube is not the colour in the product, it is much darker and I will definitely agree. There is no baby pink, which I would of loved to see in this range. These are all in my opinion too dark. Mine was soo dark, I felt like a clown wearing it. Bitten Berry is NOT purple or lilac at all, it's a berry colour, more red than purple. So yes, judging by the name, you get what you expect, but most of us look at the packaging to give us indication of what is inside too, and the tube was purple, not red or berry coloured.

These smell really great, that berry scent going on for sure that you see in many lipstains, I like it. All in all, I would not recommend these because the colour range sucks in my opinion, none of the other colours interest me and this one was too dark for me.

Have you tried these? Did you like them?


~Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

D=!! I wanna try this but I haven't seen it yet! =(

PoorCollegeStudent said... Best Blogger Tips

I have this stain too! I like it, but I wouldn't repurchase.

ShoppingGuru said... Best Blogger Tips

Great glad you reviewed it because ever since I saw the commercials (either for this or CG not quite sure) ive been wanting to trying ot cause it doesn't seem as heavy and thick as other lip sticks/glosses but you pointed out the fact that you'll be left with a ring around your lip once you eat etc lOL and i dont really want that so I guess ill just stick to my regulars. THanks for sparing me my mony :D

Steph said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely color! But for $8?? Great review by the way!


Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@Steph - $8 Canadian, so that's probably like $6 US... I thought it was reasonable, I opted to get this instead of the Revlon ones cause they are like $10+, shouldn't got the Revlon instead. :(

ipehishere said... Best Blogger Tips

great review , nice color! :)

Princess Feef said... Best Blogger Tips

looks really nice =)
want to try it out ,,, added to : to-buy list =D