Wednesday, July 14, 2010

MAC Cosmetics Nail Trend Fall/Winter 2010

Another Jin Soon MAC nail polish collection coming your fall for Fall and Winter 2010. I know some people have doubts about MAC nail polishes, but they have greatly improved since the disaster that was Seasonal Peach. I know the collection from last year (with Jin as well), with Dry Martini, Cool Reserve and the likes was very nice. And I will probably pick up some of these as well. Here are the details..

Release Dates:
August 26 2010 [US/Canada]
September 2010 [International]

MAC Nail Trend Fall Winter 2010

Nail Lacquers: (LE) $12.00USD/$14.50CAD
* Earthly Harmony- Muted Taupe with copper shimmer (frost)
* Imperial Flower- Bright reddish orange with gold and red shimmer
* Ming Blue- Cobalt blue with teal and red shimmer (frost)
* Jade Dragon- Emerald green with teal shimmer (frost)
* Concubine- Blackened red with red shimmer (frost)
* Rain of Flowers- Blackened violet with violet shimmer (frost)

I think the taupe shade, "Earthly Harmony" will definitely be very popular, it looks like the model above is wearing that one. And "Jade Dragon" is quickly becoming very talked about, I have huge expectations for that one.

Which ones are you eye-ing up?


Skulda said... Best Blogger Tips

All minus the taupe. I think I have enough taupes.

Bailey said... Best Blogger Tips

I have a few mac nail polishes that are frosts and I hate how many coats it takes to get to opaque. Other than that the colours look great, especially "rain of flowers."

Laura Beth said... Best Blogger Tips

Never tried MAC nailpolish, I'm gonna check them out now though ;)