Thursday, July 8, 2010

MAC In The Groove Haul

MAC In the Groove
The MAC In the Groove collection went live on the MAC website on Tuesday morning. I found out via Temptalia twittering about it. Once I saw it, I knew I had to order quick or once again miss getting the one product that everyone and their dog wanted.. Stereo Rose! So I placed my order quickly, was tempted to get more of course but figured I would just wait until it launches at my MAC counter and pick it up then, B2M for one of the lipsticks and see what else I "really" want. Well, in 2.5 hours Stereo Rose was already sold out on the US MAC site! and then by around 3PM EDT, it was sold out on the CDN MAC site too, along with Jazzed lipstick! It was quite the morning, girls on message board were saying that their orders were missing the Stereo Rose that they ordered and it was just a huge mess as people were waking up to find out that the collection did go live and Stereo Rose was already sold out. I think MAC really, really needs to think about the consumer in all of this, they need to product more of the big products that everyone wants, they make money off it, and we want to spend the money, so it's win-win for everyone. Having said that, I think people get products like this, just to get it... no one really needs yet another MSF, but it's nice to have and who doesn't like pretty new things? I know I do.

MAC Jazzed and All Styled Up
I picked up two of the six lipsticks from this collection, Jazzed and All Styled Up. All were cremesheens which is a great finish, hydrating and smooth formulation. I was tempted to get I Like It Like That too but decided on All Styled Up instead. I B2M'ed for All Styled Up which was really cool as it was my first time, free MAC lipstick sounds good to me! The difference between the two is All Styled Up is a blue-toned pink whereas I Like It Like That is a purple pink, different to have both though, but I don't know if I would wear the other one. Jazzed, I wasn't even going to get from the beginning, but Lollipop26's haul on youtube totally sold me, and this lipstick sold out online on the CDN site before Stereo Rose did! Jazzed is corally orange colour, as you can tell in the swatch it's really not as orange as everyone was scared that it was, it's really pretty and since I didn't have Ever Hip, I picked this one up.

MAC Hang Loose
MAC Happy Together
This collection had lots of mineralized products: MSF's, eyeshadows and blushes. I picked up two of the blushes, Hang Loose and Happy Together. I like these because you get two colours, and 3 colours really if you mix them together and use them separately.  Hang Loose is really a standout, it's baby pink on one side, and lavendar on the other (which comes across more as just shimmery very light purple). The pink side is similar to Well Dressed blush. Happy Together is a champagne beige on the one side (similar to By Candlelight) and orangey brown on the other side, swirled together you get a nice peachy colour. I don't know if the brown side will work fo r me, may be too pigmented and orange. I like it all together though very much and the lighter side as a highlight.

MAC Stereo Rose

The coveted Stereo Rose. I didn't get Marine Life, or Ripe Peach, but I really wanted this one and snatched it up quick! I wasn't into MAC when this came out the first time. Stereo Rose is a coral MSF with bronze veining. I think it's a blush, nicely pigmented, soft and beautiful. The top swatch is the entire thing blended together and the bottom is just the coral areas. I already had Petticoat and By Candlelight, so this was the only one I got. Comfort didn't appeal to me as it was too orange looking.

What did you pick up from In The Groove?


Perfectly Imperfect said... Best Blogger Tips

I checked the MAC Canadian website at 9:00am Western time and Jazzed and Stereo Rose were already sold out. By Candelight is now showing as sold out too. I was hesitant to make a purchase online because I really wanted to swatch the colours on my skintone. We'll what is left of the pickings when I go into MAC tomorrow. Great haul! I really like the mineralize blush duo you picked up.

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@Perfectly Imperfect - quick comment! I placed my order for Stereo Rose and Jazzed at...9:14am. You're saying they were sold out by 12 noon EST? That is nuts. I can't remember exactly, it was quite the rush trying to order. And I got Part 1 of the haul yesterday, I was THRILLED and SHOCKED that Stereo Rose even made it in there! And then today I picked up the remainder.

kali said... Best Blogger Tips

When I checked the website on Tuesday for Stereo Rose, it was already sold out. I wasn't worried though since I preordered 2 at my local counter on Monday. I just can't wait to actually get my hands on it!

Sencillamente Kyra said... Best Blogger Tips

I love de collection In The Groove !!

Stavroula said... Best Blogger Tips

Pretty colors! :) thanks for the review and the swatches Justine!! :)

Kristie @ said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice haul! Jazzed was sold out at the local counters too.

TKOmulatta said... Best Blogger Tips

I picked up I like it like that lipstick today, I LOVE it. Stereo rose of course had sold out at the MAC counter I went to... but i think it was the only one that had so far.. I also got Chillin LG

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

you sold me on HANG LOOSE lol!!!
so gorgeous, i cant even imagine it on my cheeks!!!

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@kali - good for you for putting stereo on hold! I am always afraid that if I do that it won't be there when I arrive. My counter didn't even have the collection set up yet, and the poor MA boy didn't know where anything was or what the names were of anything. He was nice though, male MA's are so funny!

@eleventh - Hang Loose (stupid name) is a must have from this.. Stereo Rose, Hang Loose and one of the l/s. Did you get anything?

thesungirl said... Best Blogger Tips

I ordered Stereo Rose and one of the e/s from the US website sometime int he early morning hours. I was happy to see that it shipped to my moms house yesterday. Many people before me were getting notices that theirs was backordered so I was excited to see mine wasn't. I of course have to wait to have my mom ship it to me, but it beats paying Japanese prices. I will check out other products when it comes out here in Japan in August, but I didn't want to pay Japanese MSF prices!

e.motion in motion said... Best Blogger Tips

I got Jazzed and I love it! Strangely, I am not all that interested in the MSFs. Something about the way they look is just not appealing to me LOL :P. I really like the Hang Loose Mineralize blush duo though!!!

Steph said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh wow!! I love the Happy Together blush and Stereo Rose!! No wonder everyone's been raving about it =S Hahaha, this post is tempting me to go out and buy them!


Renay Shanel said... Best Blogger Tips

I cant get anything from this collection :( & there is so much I love! Great post x