Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Fairytale

Did you tune in to the Royal Wedding this morning? I definitely did.. 5am ET time? No problem, I am up at that time usually anyway! No really, my bed time lately has been around 5am, the life of the unemployed. I watched this on Youtube, as we do not have cable, they had a live broadcast streaming which was totally cool. Even though most of us couldn't be there, we would watch it and feel like were. Oh I have so much to say about it, it was such a sweet event. I loved seeing all the tweets come in this morning, commenting on every part of this fairytale wedding. Comments were flying about the Queen's dandelion outfit, Pippa's hot behind, all the crazy hats worn by the ladies, and so on. What I loved most about the wedding was the admiration and love that Prince William and Kate Middleton have for one another, whenever they would catch each other's gaze you would see them beaming inside.

Kate left us wondering what she would wear, and it turned out to be a very elegant, simple yet with a vintage twist white lace dress. It was designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. Apparently Kate worked closely with her to design this piece. There have many comparisons to Grace Kelly's wedding dress when she wed Prince Rainer of Monaco, which is fitting since they were both seen as commoners.

What else was shocking was that Kate did her own makeup to her wedding. Apparently she took several makeup lessons before the event. She looked really pretty. I've read that she purchased Laura Mercier's Oil free tinted moisturizer before her big day and there has been speculation that it was a part of her look. If I hear more I will update here. She looked flawless. Great queen to be. Every girl dreams of her dream wedding, imagine having a wedding like that? She must have felt on top of the world, and she was.


Tania said... Best Blogger Tips

Guilty as charged. I totally stayed up watching it. I even fell asleep for like 5 minutes during the ceremony and had a dream involving me watching them walk in a full on musical number ala Disney. I loved her dress.

peonyinlove said... Best Blogger Tips

It's truly a beautiful event and I'm really happy for the couple. I really love her wedding dress, it looks so elegant on her. Shockingly I didn't know she did her own makeup until my friend told me about it and she looks like a stunning beautiful happy bride.

Lilladylife said... Best Blogger Tips

i give her HUGE kudos to doing her own make up and knowing the world is watching, her day, her way. I agree, they did look incredibly happy with each other. I thought she looked amazing
Missed the wedding on tv but did youtube it once i got to work before anyone came in hehe

Blusherine said... Best Blogger Tips

i am glad you posted the grace kelly picture, i had been hearing about how similar their dresses were, but i didn't remember grace kelly's dress! I also admire the fact that she did her own makeup! I would never have had the courage!

Tracy D said... Best Blogger Tips

I got up to watch it all live, it's history making! I loved it and thought she looked elegant & timeless.

Liz (Beauty Reductionista) said... Best Blogger Tips

I am seriously impressed with Kate's makeup application skills. She looked lovely.

PoorCollegeStudent said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG there was live streaming on youtube?!! I had no idea and I missed it! no! I heard that Lancome supplied makeup for Kate; I'm not sure if she actually used it. She seems like a lovely, classy woman. I loved all the hoopla surrounding this wedding; I should have bought the commemorative dish ware set when I could!

Jenny said... Best Blogger Tips

kate was so so pretty :) the dress, the makeup, the prince, the wedding cake, everything! and i can't believe she chose to do her own makeup! so brave! but i guess who else would know her own face than her herself? :)