Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MAC Fabulous Felines Collection Promo Pics and Details

Release Dates:
August 26 2010 [US/Canada]
September 10 [International]

"This years fall colour story feautures soft, subtle coordinating tones in 3 color waves. One in greyed-down tones of blues and purple/lavender (Palace Pedigreed), another pulls in more honey and amber tones (Leopard Luxe), and the third goes deep and smokey with a grenish cast (Burmese Beauty). A coordinating trend bag will be featured with each collection, fabulous feline introduces Superslick Liquid Eyeliner in 9 shades. This is the anniversary to Makeup Art Cosmetics and will be featured on three primary displayers."

Part 1: Palace Pedigreed

 Lipstick ($14.00 USD/$16.50 CDN)
Superior- Sheer lavender with pink pearlized pigments (dazzle)
Of Royalty- Light creamy blue pink (cremesheen)
Aristo-Cat- Mid-tone purple mauve (frost)
Cunning- Dark berry (frost

Lipglass ($14.00 USD/$16.50 CDN)
Docile- Mid-tone lavender with pearlized pigments (frost)
Best of Breed- Light mid-tone blue pearlized pigments (frost)
Lap of Luxury- Dark eggplant with pearlized pigments (frost)

Cremestick Liner ($14.50 USD/$17.00 CDN)
Beurre- mid-tone plum
Superslick Liquid Eye Liner ($17.50 USD/$19.00 CDN)
Nocturnal- Bright silver with pearlized pigments
Smoky Heir- Dark blue violet with soft pearlized pigments
Signature Blue- Dark navy with soft pearlized pigments

Eye Shadow x4 Palace Pedigreed ($36.00 USD/$43.00 CDN)
Courtly- frosted muted light pink beige (satin)
Palice Pedigreed (deep berry with dark and soft pink pearlized pigments
Quite Spoiled- mid-tone neutral mauve (satin)
Russian Blue- deep neutral grey (matte)
Pigment ($19.50 USD/$23.50 CDN)
Mauvement- cool taupe with gold pearlized pigments (frost)
Bloodline- Dark mid-tone brown purple( frost)
Mineralize Blush ($21.00 USD/$25.00 CDN)
Pet Me- light yellow pink with soft pearlized pigments (frost)

168SH Brush- Large angled countour brush with a short handle

Part 2: Leopard Luxe

 Lipstick ($14.00 USD/$16.50 CDN)
Out-Minxed- Light yellow gold (glaze)
Drive Me Wild- Mid tone warm coral with gold pearlized pigments
Powerful- Mid tone bronze with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments
The Prowl- Creamy dark chocolate- lustre)
Lipglass ($14.00 USD/$16.50 CDN)
A Quiet Roar- Pale white gold (frost)
Schemer- Mid tone yellow camel with red and gold pearlized pigments
Wildly Refined- Mid tone coral with gold pearlized pigments (frost)

Lip Liner ($14.50 USD/$17.00 CDN)
Creamola- Soft Tan
Cremekiss (LE) (Cream)- Clean apricot coral

Eyeshadow X4 Leopard Luxe ($36.00 USD/$43.00 CDN)
Wild by Nature- Mid-tone camel (matte)
Style Predator- Frosted mid tone yellow orange (veluxe pearl)
Notoriety- Mid-tone brown with gold pearlized pigments (velvet)
Furiously Fabulous- Frosted warm black (veluxe pearl)
Superslick Liquid Eye liner ($17.50/$19.00 USD)
Pure Show- bright yellow gold with pearlized pigments
Marked for Glamour- mid-tone grey with soft pearlized pigments
On the Hunt- true black
Lithe- warm nude with gold pearlized pigments (frost)
Old Gold- high frosted tarnished gold (frost)
Mineralized Blush ($21.00 USD/$25.00 CDN)
Utterly Game- warm peach with soft pearlized pigments (frost)

227 SH - large fluff brush with a short handle
129 SH - powder/blush brush with a short handle

Part 3: Burmese Beauty

 Lipstick ($14.00 USD/$16.50 CDN)
Pet Me Please- light mid-tone mauve (frost)
To Pamper- Creamy mid-tone taupe( lustre)
Liquid Lurex- Light yellow green with multi-dimensional pearl (dazzle)
Kittenish- deep red berry (cremesheen)
Lipglass ($14.00 USD/$16.50 CDN)
Spree- pink champaigned taupe (frost)
Jealous- Light mid-tone green with pearlized pigment (frost)
Fancy Cat- Mid-tone coral with gold pearlized pigment (frost)

Cremestick Liner ($14.50 USD/$17.00 CDN)
Velvetella- blackened plum

Eyeshadow x4 Burmese Beauty ($36.00 USD/$43.00 CDN)
Prized- pale yellow beige (satin)
Skintone 2- mid-tone gold (frost)
Burmese Beauty- Frosted brown green (lustre)
Showstopper- deep blackened brown (matte)

Superslick Liquid eye liner
Desires & Devices- Sparkling dark green
Defiantly Feline- chocolate brown with soft pearlized pigments
Treat Me Nice- emerald green with soft pearlized pigments
Pigment ($19.50 USD/$23.50 CDN)
Gold Stroke- high frosted tarnished gold (frost)
Antique Green- turquoise green with green pearlized pigment

Plush Lash ($13.00 USD/$15.50 CDN)
Plushblack- Black
Mineralize Blush
The Soft Meow- midtone golden bronze with soft pearlized pigments

 188SH Brush - small duo fibre face brush with a short handle

Burmese Beauty Bag - a gusseted cosmetic bag  with a faux leather trim in a corresponding colour.

This collection is huge, I think it's easiest to think of it in terms of the 3 different colour families, as described in the description above. At first glance, I like the sound of the Of Royalty lipstick (another blue pink!), Soft Meow blush, Utterly Game blush and Mauvement pigment (definitely getting the pigment if nothing else). I am a cat lover, so I think the concept behind this collection is totally cute.

What are you planning on getting from this collection, what interests you?


kali said... Best Blogger Tips

Looking forward to it Justine! I talked to a MAC girl today and she said it's going to be fabulous!!

...But wait, that's their job to say it's going to be amazing.. isn't it? LOL.

I think it'll be lovely though. Can't wait! =)

Sencillamente Kyra said... Best Blogger Tips

I am wishing that this collection goes out in Spain!!!

Steph said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm really excited for those lipsticks in the Palace Pedigreed collection. Ugh!

beachbumbeauty13 said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't think I'll be getting anything from this collection, but it all looks so pretty!

Estefania Lovelifefashion said... Best Blogger Tips

WOW! Great collection!! I want it all!
thanks for sharing it.

Jenarcissist said... Best Blogger Tips

What an awesome concept to build a product line out of...very cool...love me kittehs!! Not normally a MAC girl, but the idea behind it alone might make me buy at least one thing. :)