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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

OPI Muppets Collection Holiday 2011 Swatches and Review

OPI Muppets collection is the most fun and colourful that I've seen OPI do. I was totally existed when promotional images started circulating around for this collection. This is a limited edition collection that is now available at professional salons and nail etailers. I got mine from Cosmetics Central on Amazon, my go-to nail polish online shop. This collection came out 12 new polishes, the top 6 in the image above are shimmers, and then bottom 6 are glitters.

The ones that I picked up were Warm and Fozzie, Designer Da Better, Divine Swine and Rainbow Connection. I think the must-haves in this collection are definitely Designer Da Better and Rainbow Connection! These are great for the holidays, they really bling on your nails and are not gritty like some glitters that I have purchased before. I might go back and pick up Excuse Moi the glitter in a red base.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

OPI Pirates Of The Caribbean Swatches and Review

To celebrate the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie coming out in a few days, OPI has released a new collection of nail polishes. This set came with 6 new polishes plus a Silver Shatter. You won't see the Silver Shatter in my haul here, I am not really a fan of the Shatter thing, it's not for everyone. But I do like pastel hues and so this collection really intrigued me. I instantly fell in love with the seafoam green colour, Mermaid's Tears and picked up a couple more too.

The ones that I picked up were Planks A lot, Stranger Tides, Steady As She Rose and Mermaid's Tears. I actually ordered Skull and Glossbones, but was sent Stranger Tides instead. I thought I would hate Stranger Tides, but I actually don't mind it now seeing it in person. If you are wondering, I get the majority of my nail polishes through NailEtc on Their prices are pretty good, much cheaper (even with shipping to Canada) then what I would pay at the nail salon.

Planks A Lot is the more vibrant out of the 4 that I picked up, it's a purple, slightly greyed out giving it that slight dusty look, but still a pastel. Although all of the polishes in this collection are cremes, I found this one to be much more watery than the rest.

Stranger Tides is a murky grey khaki green. This one is definitely weird. I don't see myself wearing this often, but I have started to like it more than I thought I would, and it's unique.

Mermaid's Tears is my favourite from this collection. It's a seafoam green. Looking at it in the bottle it's very different than say, a tiffany blue colour, this has much more green in it. I love this because it's a bright colour, but still a pastel tone. This one is similar to Misa's Dirty Sexy Money.

Steady As She Rose is a very pale greyed out pink. This one takes three coats to look opaque and avoid that streaky look that really pale polishes can have.

Would I recommend this product? I really like the polishes in this collection, they have a pale unique quality to them. And if you are into the shatter thing, definitely get the silver one that comes in this collection.

Monday, March 28, 2011

OPI Texas Collection Swatches and Review

OPI Texas Spring/Summer 2011 collection had some really nice advertising promotional pictures,  I had a hard time choosing just one to put here, so I put several. I love the concept of this line.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Faves: What's Your Favorite Red Nail Polish?

I love red nail polish for the fall and winter. I wouldn't touch the stuff throughout the year, but in the colder months, to me reds scream sexy and luxurious. My favourite reds are the deeper, lusher tones, I prefer creme and jelly finishes. I have several red polishes and will go over some of them here (all OPI). My camera sucks and despite these colours being quite different from one to the next, they all look the same and came across quite light in these swatches. I need a better camera, having bad pictures frustrates me, but I wanted to make this post anyway.

OPI All Lacquered Up is a beautiful creme, classic dark red. It's darker in person and I feel like if I do more than two coats on this, it starts looking like dried blood (on the vampy side) and less like a pretty red, but two coats it's perfect.

OPI Malaga Wine is a jelly finish deep red. This one is probably my favourite OPI red because it's a true deep, vibrant red. It looks wet on the nail, very luxurious and sophisticated. If you aren't familiar with jelly finishes, it's like a really watery sheer application, but when you add more coats it has that wet, glossy look which is fantastic.

OPI St.Petersburgundy is also a jelly finish deep red with blue undertones. The way it looks on the nail in this pic is not true to life at all, the colour in the bottle here is however. I don't think it really look burgundy however.

OPI Bastille My Heart is another deep red with subtle magenta shimmers. 

OPI I'm Not Really A Waitress is a dark red with subtle red shimmers, that come across more as a sheen. The picture here is quite true to life, the sheen was captured nicely. This is one of those OPI colours that everyone has.

What is your favourite red nail polish? Do you wear them year-round?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Essie Winter 2010 Collection Swatches and Review

This is the very first Essie mini cube that I have ever purchased. I always thought they were a bit silly to get when you can get full bottles. A mini cube costs about $17 while one full sized bottle costs $10 around me. My ever-expanding nail polish collection is getting out of control and my favourite Amazon nail polish seller has mini sets for $9-10 so it just makes sense to get these. It's a nice way to sample a couple of the colours and if you like them a lot then buy a full bottle or two. I was planning on getting the Fall 2010 collection (especially for Sew Psyched) but I got to this one first.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NOTD: Rimmel Milk Chocolate and Down Days

The weather in my part of the world has been pretty dreary and miserable lately, very typical of Canadian fall: rainy, windy and cold. Also, I have been dealing with some personal issues over the past few days which have made me feel a bit depressed and down. My bf landed in the hospital for pancreatitis. He was admitted exactly 3 years ago for the same thing. The doctors don't really know why he keeps getting it, it's common in heavy drinkers, or those with gall stones. He doesn't really drink and his gall bladder was checked and nothing. He is on painkillers and loads of xrays and tests are being done to try and figure out what is wrong. He'll be in the hospital for a week. It makes me really sad that this keeps happening to him because health is so important and when you don't know what is causing your illness, it's hard to prevent it from happening again.

Also, we've been trying to get an apartment in Toronto for past three months and it's been a really hard time. So many places have fallen through or rented out before we got to them. That current place is fine, view of the lake, pretty large, but the owners do not want pets in the unit. We have two cats. We are going through a real estate agent and he assures us that it will be fine, just not to tell the owners. Before the hospital stuff happened we were in the final stages of the lease process. This is slowing things down, but maybe for the better. The owners keep making changes to the lease, adding clauses about being able to inspect the place whenever they want and us insuring that no pets will occupy the unit during the lease. I feel uncomfortable lying to them because if they do ever need to come by and repair something in the unit, my one cat will greet them at the door and it will not be a good scene. Also, the real estate agent is pushing us to hurry this along, despite me explaining to him that my bf is in the hospital and this is not our priority right now. I think he is just trying to get his commission and be done with it. I feel bad giving up this place, but I think we are going to have to. If only I had tons of money and could rent out any place that I wanted.

Anyway, enough about my life and onto the nail of the day. I painted my nails Rimmel's Milk Chocolate. This is a fairly nice drugstore colour. It's a beige nude colour, I think it resembles a light version of chocolate milk more than milk chocolate. It takes two coats and is very creamy. I think it's a good everyday colour. And for me it gives me that almost mannequin hands look. Since it's in the Lycra Wear 10 line it promises up to 10 days of wear, no base or topcoat needed. However, for my needs I did use both a base and topcoat and will change my polish within a few days so longwear is not a concern of mine.

I've also compared it here with similar colours in my collection. Orly's Country Club Khaki is on the left, which is   more grey and OPI Tickle My France-y on the right, which is more beige. Milk Chocolate is much more pink than these other two.
Do you have this polish?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

OPI: Swiss Collection Fall/Winter 2010 Swatches and Review

I had a really hard time getting into this collection when it first came out, mostly because it was summer and this is a fall/winter collection. I remember I first talked about OPI Swiss back in May..and no one cared, I've been looking at swatches all over the blogosphere since early July, I don't know how people get polishes so early. Anyways, I picked up three of the 12 polishes recently. The only ones that really appealed to me were the bluey-green shades, the three of them, Ski Teal We Drop, Cuckoo For This Color and Yodel Me On Your Cell. I knew that I wanted Ski Teal We Drop for sure, it seems like the winner of the bunch in my opinion and then I wanted to choose two more, I was standing in my Trade Secrets trying to decide. I don't know if they do this at every Trade Secrets but they let me paint a swatch on a piece of tape to see which one I like. I find it weird that they let you open new bottles of polish and try them out, I wouldn't want to buy a previously opened bottle.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

OPI Shrek Collection Revisited and Dupes

OPI Shrek
The OPI Shrek collection came out this past spring, but it still available in stores readily. It came with 6 colours, this collection was really unique in that it had no reds or pinks in it, which is pretty standard for OPI. The colours in this were a mix of greens, blues and purples. I thought the colours were really cute, but I also noticed that it was full of dupes, that's why I only picked up two. I compared blogger swatches a lot (as I would with any collection) before I decided which ones to get, and will share these comparisons with you.

Having said that, I think I need to go on a polish ban, or something like that because I think I seriously have a problem. The girl at Trade Secrets had to talk me out of getting Rumple's Wiggin, I was totally set on getting it and she talked me out of it, weird aren't sales people usually trying to get you to buy, not not buy? I was comparing Rumple's Wiggin to Done Out in Deco, which I already have, of course the store did not have it, since it's discontinued, but the girl told me it was the same, and that OPI often does that, puts out discontinued colours out again, just changing the name, and changing the colour slightly. Being a nail polish hog, I can spot differences in polishes, and have many polishes that look the same, but do not translate the same on the nail, in different lighting etc. And I love pastely purple colours, I think I may go back and get it bhahahaha I am terrible.
OPI Ogre The Top Blue
Ogre The Top Blue is in my opinion is the must-have from this collection. It is just gorgeous and has a smooth, beautiful formulation. This is two coats, but you could get away with one coat. This is a beautiful vibrant medium blue. I am sporting this one right now and loving it.

OPI Fiercely Fiona
Fiercely Fiona is a soft yellow with green undertones, which you can't see this in this picture, but it is there in real life, not anything stark however. I had read that this applied well for a yellow. I found it very watery and thin, and you can tell I overdid it with the application. This is three coats I think, if you're patient you can do it in two coats.I think it's cute, but you can tell just by looking at the bottle titled, that it's watery.

Now for the dupes. All Lacquered Up's blog had awesome swatch comparisons of the polishes in this collection and she always does great ones. I have a polish to account for each of the other shades in this collection and here are my not so perfect swatches. The problem with dupes like these is that it is easier to just get the Shrek colours, as most of these are discontinued, but in case you do have these, you do not *need* to get another one that looks the same.

China Glaze Bahamian Escape
China Glaze Bahamian Escape is basically an exact dupe for What's Up With The Catitude? it's a light pastely blue. I would totally recommend getting this one if you can. My swatch sucks cause going back and forth between the OPI brush and the CG confused me and I picked up way too much polish. Anyway you get the idea. I have this polish and it applies really opaque in one coat only.

SH Lickety-Split Lime
Sally Hansen's Lickety-Split Lime is extremely close to Who The Shrek Are You? And because this isn't a colour that I see myself wearing very often, I am content with just the SH dupe.

OPI Done Out in Deco
 (image credit All Lacquered Up)
Done Out In Deco is very close to Rumple's Wiggin, it's a light lilac purple. As you can tell in ALU's swatch above, DOID is much darker than RW... damn you Trade Secrets girl!!!! just kidding.

China Glaze Grape Pop
China Glaze Grape Pop is a dupe for Funky Dunkey from this collection. It's a pretty vibrant purple colour, resembles purple grapes. This one is a touch darker than FD, but pretty much the same.

So... do you settle for the dupes you have, or do you like getting every OPI polish that you like? Should I go back for Rumple's Wiggin?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

NOTD: OPI Absolutely Alice

opi alice in wonderland
I was going to do one of those "OPI Revisited" entries for the OPI Alice in Wonderland Collection but, because I only got 2 of the polishes (it was a small collection), I will just do two NOTD's instead. And because...this baby is not coming off for a while, I want to keep this on for a couple of days. There were two glitters in this collection, I got them bought today. The Trade Secrets (where I get my nail polishes if I buy them in stores) near me were all out of both the glitters months and months back, but, the one in Toronto at the Eaton Centre (for those locals readers, listen up) had many of each one! I was in awe. I was in there a week ago and they only had the mini set, and I was ready to buy that, but then stopped and looked.. FULL SIZE ones...woohoo, mine mine mine! ;)

opi alice in wonderland absolutely alice

opi absolutely alice

opi absolutely alice
Glitters are kind of a novelty, you like looking at them cause they are so unique and pretty, but you may not wear them very often, but they are still gorgeous to have. Absolutely Alice is stunning, it's a clear base with blue and gold micro-glitters.

Applying it takes some work, my bottle was oddly very thick and so I picked up too much or too little on my brush, making for a messy application, but once you get it on.. you don't want to take it off cause it can be quite the pain, so I dealt with it. It takes 3 coats to get opacity, and still you can see some bald spots on my manicure, that's okay, I am not perfect. And you must use a topcoat with glitters, or else you get that grainy gritty texture. As everyone else says, pictures do not do this polish justice, it is stunning in real life. You can twirl the bottle and it just sparkles. I may re-do these pictures, I am not happy with them at all, sorry guys!

opi mad as a hatter and absolutely alice
Left: OPI Mad as a Hatter, Right: OPI Absolutely Alice

Do you have either one of these polishes? How did you find the application and the removal?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

OPI Russian Collection Revisted Fall/Winter 2007

opi russian collection
OPI's Russian Collection came out a while back, it was released in Fall and Winter 2007. The collection captured "a new moment in elegance and opulence, and was a mixture of luxury and refinement that transcends time."  There were several dark shades in this collection, which I liked a lot. However, I did find that the formulation on a lot of these was quite jelly and despite being really shiny and cool looking, it also made for difficult application that leaves a gloopy mess, so you gotta have patience with some of these, something that I do not always have.  There were 12 colours in this collection, as shown in the pic below, I picked up 6.

Friday, July 16, 2010

OPI Bright Pair Paige Denim Collection Summer 2009 Revisited

opi bright pair paige denim collection
I love this OPI Bright Pair collection from last year. This was a collaboration with Paige Denim. I have never even heard of Paige Denim, but this collection of 6 polishes was lovely.  I guess these colours were inspired by jean colours? Fashion and nails definitely go together, sometimes you can't make a statement with your clothes, but you can always add a pop of colour with your nails. In any case, the colours were very summery and cute. They were all cremes (love) and all applied smooth and great (love again). I wanna go back and get the entire collection, but here are the 3/6 that I did pick up.

Hits: Over The Taupe, Shorts Story, No Room For The Blues, A Grape Fit.
Misses: None.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

OPI Espana Collection Fall/Winter 2009 Revisited

OPI Espana collection
OPI's Spain Collection was a nice one, the colours were said to be "colors of passion and full of drama". I've never been to Spain but, my little sister recently went and came back engaged. This was a fall collection, but surprisingly, and in a good way a lot of these colours were quite bright and colourful and full of lots of cremes. I picked up 5/12 of the shades, but that went down to 4/12 recently when my OPI Pamplona Purple suffered a death, I dropped it on the floor when I was doing my nail polish collection blog post and cracked, that was the end of it, it was sad because it was a nice colour and I have no swatches of it to remember it's beauty :(

Friday, July 9, 2010

OPI Hong Kong Collection Spring 2010 Revisited

opi hong kong collection
OPI's Hong Kong collection was a really fun and colourful collection. I really enjoyed the polishes in this collection a lot. They were very solid and vibrant. Out of the usual 12, I picked up 5, all the ones I choose were cremes, they all applied great, no issues at all. I keep thinking of others that I want to get. This collection really made me realize that I love blue and green polishes all of sudden.

Hits: Lucky Lucky Lavender, Jade Is The New Black, Suzy Says Feng Shui, Hot & Spicy.
Misses: Pearl of Wisdom, Chopsticking To My Story.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

OPI France Collection Revisited Fall/Winter 2008

opi france collection fall winter 2008
This is probably my most favourite OPI collection ever. I bought 8/12 of the polishes that came out with this. I thought this collection was perfect, I love the grey tones, vampy reds and purples. The polishes are chic, perfect for wearing in the fall and winter, and very classic colours. The standouts were definitely You Don't Know Jacques and Parlez Vous OPI? J'adore!

Hits: Parlez-Vous OPI?, You Don't Know Jacques!, Tickle My France-y, and We'll Always Have Paris
Misses: Baguette Me Not, Crepes Suziette.

Monday, July 5, 2010

OPI South Beach Collection Revisited Spring/Summer 2009

opi south beach
Today I will revisit last year's OPI South Beach collection. I think this was the collection that really got me into OPI and then I went back and bought some popular polishes previous to this. Ever since then I've been hooked. OPI in my opinion, makes the best polishes because their formulation is so great, most of the time, with creme finishes anyway, you can apply 2 coats and get excellent coverage. The pro-wide brush is also awesome in helping you get even coverage. OPI is definitely king and I don't think any of us are going to stop buying their polishes anytime soon.

Hits: Done Out in Deco,  Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hot!, Miami Beet, OPI On Collins Ave
Misses: Bronzed To Perfection, Clubbing Til Sunrise and Suzi & The Lifeguard

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

OPI NOTDs: Feelin Hot Hot Hot, Hot & Spicy, Ate Berries in the Canaries and More

opi feelin hot hot hot, hot and spicy, ate berries, dating a royale, collins ave
I picked up some new OPI nail polishes recently and have included the swatches below. I think these are great for summer, as they are bright and colourful, except for OPI Dating A Royal, which is just a good classic colour that I was missing.

opi feelin hot hot hot
OPI Feelin' Hot Hot Hot is a medium pink creme, almost like a barbie pink. This one was part of the 2009 South Beach collection. I think this is similar to OPI Strawberry Margarita. This one was a bit runny, this is with 2 coats and you can see my nail line still. But the colour is great so I will excuse that.

opi ate berries in the canaries
Ate Berries in the Canaries, love the name! is a cool combination of purple and fuchsia. I think OPI has a lot of colours similar to this one, but I still like it anyway and think it's perfect for summer. This one came out in the Espana collection.  It applied really nicely, perfect with two coats.

opi hot and spicy
Hot and Spicy is basically an orange to me. I know some people call this a coral, others call it creamsicle, which seems more appropriate. But it's orange.. maybe a bit muted orange which makes it less intimidating. It came out with the Hong Kong collection. I passed on it at first, but couldn't help to get it as it's awesome for summer.

opi on collins ave
On Collins Ave is an orangey red. Also came out with the South Beach collection last year. This one didn't photograph too well, it isn't just a straight up red, it has lots of orange in it. I have read that it's similar to Cajun Shrimp.

opi dating a royal
OPI's Dating a Royal is one of those classic colours that everyone should own. This is a deepish royal blue. Now that I think about it, this may work for summer, as it has that nautical feel to it. This one came out Summer 2008 OPI Mod About Brights collection. One coat was just watery, two coats was better. It has that jelly feel, so it can be hard to apply.

Do you have any of these?