Friday, July 16, 2010

MAC and Rodarte Fall 2010 Collection and Controversy

Release Dates:
U.S. Date: September 15 2010 @ Select Partner Locations & MAC Stores Only
International Date: TBA

 Lipstick ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)
    * Ghost Town: Sheer white with white, gold and green pearlized pigment (Frost) (Limited Edition)
    * Rose State: Mid-tone blue pink (Lustre) (Limited Edition)
    * Sleepless: Light grey taupe (Frost) (Limited Edition)

Lip Erase ($16.00 U.S. / $19.00 CDN)
    * Pale Flesh tone NC 27 Shade (Matte) (PRO)

Lipglass ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)
    * Rodarte: Pale creamy pink with layers of sparkling white, mint, and pink (Limited Edition)
    * del Norte: Light creamy violet with layers of sheer sparkling taupe, pink and grey (Limited Edition)

Mineralize Eyeshadow ($19.50 U.S. / $23.50 CDN)
    * Bordertown: Black with red, pale blue, and silver veining (Frost) (Limited Edition)
    * Sleepwalker: Beige with copper, pale blue and pale pink veining (Frost) (Limited Edition)

Pigment ($19.50 U.S. / $23.50 CDN)
    * White Gold: White pearl with gold duochrome (PRO)
    * Kitschmas: Shimmering pink/mauve (Permanent)
    * Mauvement: Cool taupe with gold pearl (Limited Edition) (Repromote from Rushmetal, Overrich)
    * Badlands: Mid-tone shimmer beige brown (Limited Edition)

Chromographic Pencil ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN)
    * NW25/NC30 Flesh tone NW25/NC30 shade (Matte) (PRO)
Beauty Powder ($25.00 U.S. / $30.00 CDN)
* Softly Drifting: Pale neutral white-ish pink with soft gold pearl (Limited Edition)

Blush ($18.50 U.S./$22.00 CDN)
 * Quinceanera: Shimmery mid-tone blue pink (Limited Edition)

***all pictures credited to Temptalia!

Now for the controversy. I didn't know who Rodarte was or what this collection was based on until I read Ariel's blog post about it. Now I am glad that I know before I get too excited about this collection because it definitely changed my mind. After the storm of discussion that exploded on Temptalia's blog post, MAC did contact her and said that the collection was based on Mexico's colours and culture, and they are sorry that their fans were offended and bothered with some of the names used in this colleciton, such as "Juarez", "Factory", "Ghost Town", "Sleepless" and so on. And that they will donate portions of the proceeds to help those in needs in Juarez. This collection is really miserable now, thinking about what it's about. I think this collection really pushed the limit though, not artistic at all, and the names more than anything are quite inappropriate. And I hope they do donate, and not just because people were complaining about it.

Juarez is a region in Mexico with high poverty, drug wars and numerous rapes and murders that are committed against teens and young adult girls on their way to and from work in the factories. These crimes go unpunished and unresolved. Juarez is apparently one of the most dangerous places in the world. Rodarte is a fashion designer, they took inspiration from what happens in Juarez and themed their collection about dreams and sleep-walking (no mention of the violence in their inspiration). MAC then has now collaborated with Rodarte and put out this collection, which "developed from inspirations on a road trip that we took in Texas last year, from El Paso to Marfa.  The ethereal nature of this landscape influenced the creative development and desert palette of the collection" (MAC statement as posted on Temptalia's blog post).

Some people are saying this collection will bring attention to Juarez. I think a lot of MAC fans have never heard of Juarez or what happens there, I definitely did not, and people talking about it on forums and blogs definitely got me to look into it too, so that is a good thing for sure, as it caused discussion. I think MAC was just trying to base a collection about the feel of Mexico and didn't mean any disrespect. I do think they went about it the wrong way though, if they were going to put out this collection, why not make mention and raise awareness about the issue? Maybe they are still planning to do that? Maybe Rodarte/MAC weren't completely aware of what is going on in Juarez? that could explain a lot. MAC has always been a brand that I respect, with their cruelty-free products and donating to AIDS, I would think they would of promoted this in a more sensitive way.

Are you getting anything from this collection? How do you feel about it all?


Kristie said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm not feeling the collection at all regardless of the situation in Juarez. I don't think MAC did it intentionally but it's good they're listening to fans and donating to Juarez.

Estefany said... Best Blogger Tips

I am not that into make up, but it was nice reading about the controversy of all the names. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

gahhh! I want the glittery pigment! :)

Melly said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't know, but is the girl's arm supposed to look like it's been amputated? Or is it just me who's seeing something that's not there?

Interesting post,thanks for posting :)

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@Melly - it does kind look that way doesn't it? I also think she is so malnourished and sickly looking, probably the ugliest promo pic I have seen from MAC.

Melly said... Best Blogger Tips

Yeah, that picture isn't appealing at all. Or maybe it will when Halloween's a bit closer, who knows.
And now I realized why she looks so familiar. She looks like female version of Lord Voldemort :))

kali said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm with Kristie about not feeling the collection in general. However the whole Juarez ordeal HAS put a bad taste in my mouth whether it was intentional or not. I had a lot to say about this..

The whole thing is just really sad and I feel that what MAC's doing is inappropriate. At least they're donating some of the money but HOW much are they donating and they should've thought about donating sooner.. not as an afterthought.

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@kali - ya it does seem like an after thought eh? I mean... granted their collection was about the colours and culture of the area, but, how can you not ignore the issues too? especially when it's quite prevalent.

alicesmother said... Best Blogger Tips

what is going on in Juarez is such a tragedy... and nobody seems to care or to be doing something about it. People from MAC should really know very well what they are doing before launching a new collection based or inspired on such horrible facts. Besides, I don't know what they want us to look like... zombies? ghosts?
very good post! well explained, lots of photos... thanks

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@alicesmother - exactly and the colours are more suited for lighter-skin tones too, not really mexicans. But I guess people in Juarez won't be buying MAC anyway, so it doesn't matter to them!

Susie said... Best Blogger Tips

quite interesting. I live in Texas and have known about what goes on in Ciudad Juarez for a long time. It's quite sad. I have to agree with what you said about the way they went about marketing the collection. Why not raise awareness from the get-go? If they wanted to draw inspiration from Mexico, why didn't they use bright colors, or draw from happier places like the coastal towns or even Mexico City? Perhaps they are planning to market in a way that will raise awareness. Not sure, but I wont' be spending a dime on anything from the collection.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I think MAC is definitely at fault for not looking into the town name they chose for this collection and others like factory. At least they are acknowledging their mistake and the issue in Juarez can get more attention from people who probably would have never known otherwise. But they should have done more research before being so careless.

The Juarez issue aside, the promotional image scare the crap out of me. It is like... "With the release of this new collection, you too can look like the living dead!" >.<