Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sigma Makeup Brush Numbering Guide (Face Edition)

Recently Sigma Makeup changed their numbering system, they used to have MAC equivalent numbers on their brushes (ie SS217 would be a dupe for the MAC217). They steered away from this system and made a new one, their brushes now have unique numbers and the letter F, E and L before the number, indicating face, eyes and lips. I have put together a guide here to make it easier to distinguish between the two systems. I liked the old numbering because it was easy to know what the comparable brush was, but this way they have their own unique system and own identity too.

Here is the rundown of all the current brushes being sold on the Sigma Makeup website and their corresponding new and old numbering system. I will break this up into two parts, since there are so many brushes, this one will be face, and the second will be eyes and lips.

Face Brushes


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Thanks a lot! This definitely helps.

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Brill post, so helpful thanks sweetie xxx

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Thanks! This is so helpful. I think I'm going to pig up the angled blush brush(;

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@makeupbykatie - I just ordered the angled blush brush today! couldn't resists! :D