Friday, August 20, 2010

Cherry Culture: 20% Off Storewide (Aug 19-24)

Cherry Culture is having their 20% off storewide sale again, this is valid now until Aug 24, 2010. Just enter the code "B2S20" at checkout to get the discount. I am tempted to order some Milani stuff, we don't have a wide selection in Canada and I really wanted to try their HD concealer and minerals blush. But shipping from Cherry Culture is not cheap at all and Canadians do not get free shipping at all. For those in Canada, can you tell me where I can buy these Milani items, specifically in Ontario?

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Halifax said... Best Blogger Tips

Can't say I know where to find Milani in ON, but Superstore has basic Milani nail polish. Unfortunately, I've never spotted the HD concealer even at the store that sells Milani where I live. I do see blushes, can CP you if you want to

stuffedpandapuppet said... Best Blogger Tips

I've seen Milani stuff at Fortino's and maybe Superstore as well before, like a partial line of it. Mostly liners, gloss, shadows, mascaras, foundation, polishes. I'm pretty sure the items you are seeking weren't ever there though. Also, lots of their stuff is on clearout just the other day, and there isn't much left.

Goober said... Best Blogger Tips

oo oo i know :)

go to and theres a ton of makeup thats sometimes even cheaper than the stores and its free shipping in canada. ive seen a lot of milani products on there.

good luck!

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@Goober - I looked on and they didn't have any of those products that I want from Milani. :(