Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ELF Cosmetics: New Mineral Brushes

Today on ELF's Facebook page I read that they just released new mineral brushes. If you don't know, I am a huge fan of ELF Cosmetics and makeup brushes are something that I definitely hoard, so this is totally awesome news. These are part of the Mineral line and are selling for $5 a piece. All the brushes are made of antibacterial synthetic taklon bristles with recycled ferrules and 100% cruelty free with sustainable bamboo handles that first ergonomically in your hand for comfort and precise application.

There are 12 new brushes (as you can see in the image above), they included:

All over eyeshadow brush
Angled blush brush
Blending eye brush
Complexion brush
Concealer brush
Contour brush
Flat eyeliner brush
Foundation brush
Lash & Brow comb
Lip brush
Powder brush
Smudge brush

Click here to check out ELF's new mineral brushes. (click on minerals and then brushes)

The ones that interest me are the blending eye brush and maybe the angled blush brush. I think I am going to wait and see what the youtube gurus think of these before I hop on the bandwagon. They do look good though, but I am still weeding through my Sigma brushes at the moment.

What do you girls think of these?


mandy said... Best Blogger Tips

More new ELF products! The newer brushes seem to be higher priced..wonder how well they work..

ipehishere said... Best Blogger Tips

im interested with these brushes too :D

stuffedpandapuppet said... Best Blogger Tips

Their design remind me of Essence of Beauty brushes that are sold in CVS. I am definitely waiting for reviews before I will try them out myself.

e.motion in motion said... Best Blogger Tips

How exciting!!! These brushes look great! :D I think I'll also wait to see what other people think of it before buying for myself though, lol XD

Isabel said... Best Blogger Tips

Woah.. These look really good.. But I wonder what makes them better than the Studio ones? (since they cost more)

mint said... Best Blogger Tips

they look interesting, I like the look of the eye shadow blending brush. do you know if they ship overseas, outside US?

Halifax said... Best Blogger Tips

I like the idea of the look - EcoTools-like handles but hate the price. They gotta offer some extreme quality here to explain why I would want these instead of the regular $1 brushes :)

Lauren E said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm a HUGE fan of their Studio brushes. The only one I was dissapointed in was their angle brush (it was too thick).
So I hope these are even better. I recently restocked my brushes, so it will be awhile before I try the mineral line brushes though.

Becky said... Best Blogger Tips

They look interesting. I'll take a look to their website!


Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

The studio line brushes are really great, but the mineral line is mostly all $5 so that explains why these brushes are more expensive.

Jenny said... Best Blogger Tips

i am a huge fan of ELF brushes and would love to try these out! i hope it lives up to the great quality of their older brushes! i wonder if these brushes are mostly ideal for mineral makeup?

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

looks great... i wonder how great the quality of them are

Amanda Popko said... Best Blogger Tips

looks great! did i tell you i just bought the Elf eyelash curler and lipgloss and shadow at .....DOLLARAMA!! yahhhh

~Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, gosh. Inside me, I secretly hope that ELF will stop making so much new products! I want to buy everything!! Even though it's cheap but still XD


Ivy said... Best Blogger Tips

oooh they look so nice!!!
but argh! how i hate elf!
they took down their Australian website early last year (i think) and they havent done anything about it, and eyeslipsface.com dont ship to australia (and it defeats the purpose if i have to pay 3x as much from a site that imports it)!!

i vote elf comes back to australia :P