Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Review: ELF Studio Eyeshadows

A few days ago I brought you a review of ELF's Studio Blushes, today it's their Single Eyeshadows. I have 5 of the 10 available on the ELF website. These retail for $3 and are a great value for what you get. ELF's website describes these as "The beautiful soft texture melts into the skin for a vibrant color that lasts. Convenient and easy to apply, just layer the color to achieve the desired intensity. Apply wet or dry for a fabulous look that never creases or fades." I would suggest to always use a primer under your eyeshadows, I do that with every shadow regardless of whether it's cheap or expensive.

The packaging of these is almost half the size of the blushes, however judging by the size listed on the back label, you get the same amount of product, 2.75g. They come in the standard Studio line back packaging and have a little window (and mirror inside) which is helpful that way you can find the shadow you want easily without having to look at the name on the back. No sponge applicators in these, cause you will just throw them away anyway. Most, if not all these shadows contain shimmers, but they are not gritty to the touch, the consistency of these is pretty good, they do not feel overly powdery or chalky. They are very blendable, pigmented and have good colour payoff, they do come out a bit more vibrant when used with a base. I find the best way to apply these is to dab the colour on with your brush, do not sweep too much.

Coffee Bean is a golden chocolate brown, filled with gold shimmers. The shimmers show up more of a satin feel when swatched. This one is really pretty and I recommend it.

Amethyst is a dark purple with almost blue sheen to it. If you like purples, you will love this shadow.

Saddle is a darker brown, more on the taupey side, warmer than Coffee Bean. I like this one a lot, it's very vibrant and pretty, I think it's ELF's best brown eyeshadow.

Wild Wheat is a light neutral very light nothing, neutral colour, it barely shows up on me, it is close to my skin colour. It can be used as a highlight perhaps or a transitional colour to blend out crease colours. I wouldn't recommend this one.

Raspberry Truffle is a red based purple, very vibrant and pretty. I like this one a lot too, although mine tends to be a bit chalky when applied and not as red as I would like it in person. It's like a poor girl's MAC Twinks.

And here are swatches of all the eyeshadows, as you can tell the browns (Coffee Bean, Saddle and Raspberry Truffle) are all quite similar.  Saddle appears more bronzey, and Raspberry Truffle is more of a red brown. Wild Wheat barely shows up and Amethyst is really pretty in person.

If you girls are interested in buying some, now is a good time, there is a 50% off Studio items code valid until August 30, enter the code "ESTUDHA" for orders over $20. This was a FB and email subscriber VIP offer. Click here to order.

Which of the ELF Studio eyeshadows do you have and like or dislike?


Tanveer Parmar said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, all these look so fab! I want these too!

Dee said... Best Blogger Tips

I have Amethyst and I LOVE it. I want all of the others too, but I'm restraining myself.

alvira said... Best Blogger Tips

I love all the colors

~Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

They look so pigmented! i love them all, definitely perfect for the neutral me ^.^

Amanda Popko said... Best Blogger Tips

i was looking at the giant tiger flyer today and guess what! they now carry elf! im going to stop by soon and see what they have! thanks for the review on the eyeshadows i have yet to try the elf brand

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@Amanda Popko - wow giant tiger of al places? haha that's awesome. They carry elf at winners and zellers too. I get all my stuff online though, with the promos all the time it works out to be cheaper.