Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another Sigma and ELF Haul

Here are some items that I got from Sigma Makeup and ELF recently, my stuff came today. I like when I get packages on Friday because it means that I don't have to wait and think about it all weekend. I have another Sigma haul coming. I also got another free travel sized Sigma E25 with this order, like you do every time, forgot to include that in the pic.

This hypershine lipgloss set was $5 for 5 lipglosses, these colours are not found in the regular $1 line, this was part of the Back To School new items that they got in. These glosses do not have names unfortunately, they are pretty but, also full of glitter. I like the two pink ones. I think these colours are prettier and more unique than the regular ones, which all kind of look the same.

ELF's Fuschia Fusion studio blush is a vibrant pink with lots of shimmers. I don't know how it will look on the cheeks, I think the shimmers will probably not show at all, I hope. This one crumbles very easily, I put a gash in it when I was trying to take off the plastic film and got fallout everywhere.

I also picked up the Waterproof Eyeliner Pen $1 in Black and some more of the luscious liquid lipsticks, not sure what the difference is between hypershine lipgloss and luscious liquid lipsticks, aren't they the same thing? Are these ones old? I think the packaging on the hypershine more, less cheap looking. I got them in Raspberry, Pink Lemonade and Strawberry, but as you can tell in the picture, they all look the same, and in person are very close.

Here are my new Sigma Makeup brushes, the buffer brush F45 (formerly know as the SS182) and the tapered highlighter brush, F35 (formerly SS165).

Now I have both of the Sigma egg tapered brushes, here is a picture comparison of the big one F25, and the small one F35. The F35 is considerably smaller. It's like the mom and baby.

I got the Sigma F45 buffer brush, I don't have the MAC one to compare, I don't know why anyone would buy both the MAC and Sigma ones.. MAC one is a fortune, I have my POSH one to compare to. I think the Sigma one is much firmer, the POSH one is a big ogre of a brush, sheds like a monster and stinks after many, many washes (I never use this one). The Sigma one bled upon first washing, shed like a monster too, but the quality seems sharper.

And that's my haul for now. Hope you liked it! 


WillWorkForMakeup said... Best Blogger Tips

I've been eyeing that kabuki brush! That's next I think, because I really have no intentions on shelling out the $$ for the MAC one. I want the F25 too but that one might have to wait. By the way, did you see I tweeted you the link for the sigma brush roll? x

PoorCollegeStudent said... Best Blogger Tips

I want that kabuki! My bare escentuals one is so rough it makes me cry when I use it, no joke. I love those egg shaped brushes, so unique! I placed another order recently, I needed a pencil brush. I want their travel set to but $50 seems a bit much.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

you do love your make-up! :D

thanks for sharing! I always find hauls so interesting! <3

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@Willworkformakeup - I didn't..but I will check it out soon. Thanks!

@PoorCollegeStudent - the f45 fluffed out a lot after I washed it, but I like the density and softness of it.

@Breee - yes! thanks! :)

alvira said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice haul,I love the lipcolors.I have never tried a kabuki brush I use powderbrush,is kabuki better than a powder brush ? or do they do the same work.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

great haul ! those lipglosses look so pretty ! lip swatch please :D i find that the fuschia fusion blush is too sparkly too, never actually tried it on my own cheeks yet.

DesignerSpray said... Best Blogger Tips

ELF's studio blushers reminds me of Nars packaging. I'm still yet to try their blushers out. x

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@alvira - kabuki brushes are more dense and can pack the powder in more, buff in better. Powder brushes tend to have more spread out bristles, if that makes sense. Powder brushes are more light application, kabukis are for full coverage.

@allstyledup - I used fuchsia fusion on my cheeks today and it's not sparkly on, but definitely the loser of all the elf blushes that I have, it crumbles everywhere!! :(

~Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Great haul! The kabukis look so good!

alvira said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for guiding:).I hope you are not bothered by my questions

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@alvira - not at all! I love getting comments and questions! totally appreciate it.

alicesmother said... Best Blogger Tips

I think the luscious are much better than the hypershine. I ordered once a hypershine by mistake and it isn't as hydrating as the luscious. Also, I hate the brush it comes with. In my last order I also got the pink lemonade and love it!