Monday, June 27, 2011

MAC Blush Collection and Swatches

Today I will share with you my MAC blush collection. I love MAC blushes because they come in a wide variety of shades (although most of mine are peach) and they have good pigmentation. I have depotted all of mine except for the limited edition and mineralized ones. I will talk about them briefly here and show you swatches.

Well Dressed is my least pigmented and lightest blush, I would only recommend this one for those who are very fair skinned. Peachykeen, which I mistakenly thought would be peachy (when I first got into MAC blushes) is actually my most coral/red toned blush, I rare wear this one, but it has great pigementation. Springsheen is a pretty pink with gold shimmer. Melba and Cantaloupe (pro) are both intensely pigmented and are both matte. Sunbasque is quite dark peach.bronze shade.

Here is more of my peach blushes, and some of my favourites (and most worn). Peaches is my all time favourite peach blush. If you like more of an orange peach I would suggest Style or My Highland Honey (more chalky than Style). Gingerly, I got purely because it's said to be Kim Kardashian's favourite, it's a dark peach as well, very good pigmentation. Margin is okay but very shimmery and glowly. Sincere is probably the darkest blush that I have, verging on a bronzer, but could still be considered a peach tone.

Then I have my limited edition (still in original packaging) and mineralized blushes (not wise to depot those since they are domed). I have left out my mineralized duo blushes. Fun and Games is a pretty peach with slight shimmer, I suggest getting this one if you can find it. Eversun is a nice brown peach. Hipness is one that I never touch, it's pretty but too pink/red for my taste. Dainty and Utterly Game are nice but very shimmery, if you zoom in on the picture you can see, I do love Utterly Game though if you like a shimmer dark peach.

Do you like MAC blushes? Which ones are your favs? are you a peach fanatic like me?


Tania said... Best Blogger Tips

Fun & Games is one of my all time favorite blushes! I've also been lemming Peaches and Melba, but you totally convinced me to check out Springsheen. It's so pretty!

FunnyFaceBeauty said... Best Blogger Tips many blushes...amazing! I love the look of Melba. I may have to add that to my after P10P list.

AngelicBetrayal said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't own any Mac blushes (I don't have many Mac products to be honest haha) so this post is super helpful! I have a few of these on my wishlist so thanks for the swatches :D

socialitedreams said... Best Blogger Tips

i want peachy keen so badly

Tracy@Beauty Reflections said... Best Blogger Tips

Blushes!!! Love!!! Utterly Game looks gorgeous!

Tiffany said... Best Blogger Tips

Peaches is definitely one of my favorite MAC blushes and out of the few that I have, Well Dressed is definitely my least favorite. Hipness looks so pretty in your swatch!

G A B Y said... Best Blogger Tips

Springsheen and Hipness look gorgeous! I don't have any MAC blush, I wish I could afford them though! Great swatches (as always)

Tanveer Parmar said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice collection... I just have desert rose as of now :)

kellyyes said... Best Blogger Tips

oo you have basically all the peach blushes from mac! haha. i really dont have that many mac blushes. i feel like their pigmentation is not up to par compared to other brands. but i do have a 6 palette thing that i want to fill so i will probably fill that up and not get anything else from mac (unless i absolutely need a LE item)...thanks for sharing your swatches justine! i will be sure to use this as a reference when i fill up that palette :P

Delyteful Speaks said... Best Blogger Tips

Amazing swatches!

I love Margin.. Really nice summery shade.. And although I haven't been a fan of Danity for a long time, I find myself reaching for it more now..

Peachykeen looks gorgeous!

JC ♔ said... Best Blogger Tips

I love/have the first four. I am plannining a MAC blush collection & swatch post tomorrow as well by request of a fellow blogger. :)

Beautiful swatches!

Roxanne said... Best Blogger Tips

I love you mac peach blush collection since i love peach blushes, i always know which ones i want from your pictures :)

Justine (Productrater) said... Best Blogger Tips

@kellyyes - compared to say NARS, the pigmentation is not as great. I haven't branched out into mamy other high-end blushes as of yet. I like how MAC has a ton of colours.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

What a great post! My favourite is Warm Soul and from the regular blushes, Peaches is also my favourite, so easy to wear!

Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

I also love a good peach blush but you should try blushbaby, I find its a nice blush when you wear a smokey eye and nice on fair skin tones. My blush drawer is my most treasured, I just can't get enough!! I was obssessed with MAC but have branched out into other brands, now its NARS. Thanks for the swatches!