Friday, November 11, 2011

Review: L'oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Faux Cils

Voluminous False Fibre Lashes is the newest mascara in L'oreal's Voluminous range. This mascara is said to be a fibre volumizing mascara, the "lash sculpting fibre formula adheres to lashes for a volumized, sculpted lash effects. Lashes appear fuller, longer, sculpted and curled at every angle". I love the Voluminous line, so I had to try this out and see what it was all about. I think this is Lash Architect 4D in Europe (in a silver tube).

The packaging is really nice, it comes in a gold, shiny "expensive looking" tube, much like the previous L'oreal Million Lashes. You will notice straight away that the applicator (the wand and the handle) is very long, and can be difficult to work with at first, but you get used to it quickly. The brush is tapered, thinner at the tip and wider at the base, also it's angled slightly to the side (picture did not capture that). I picked up this mascara at Rexall Pharma Plus for about $11 Canadian, I've seen it for as much as $16 at Shoppers Drug Mart, best to get it on sale.

Now let's talk about the brush and the formula. To me, the brush looks like it's been chewed on, or like it's expired! The fibers are very noticeable, it looks like residue mascara bits or even hair, this is what is meant to build up volume on your lashes. The formula is a bit on the dry side, so if you like wet formulations (like Million Lashes) I wouldn't suggest this one. I prefer a dry formulation because I like my mascara to be ready to go after I've finished applying it. If you like to layer your mascara, I would not suggest this one. This mascara is dry to begin with and dries quickly too, so there is no time to add multiple layers, it starts looking clumpy.

The formulation and brush reminds me a bit of YSL Faux Cils (which is my favourite mascara). Both have traditional bristles, the bristles are very close together, a dry paste like formulation, and even the darkness of the "black"is similar. The YSL applies more evenly and looks prettier on, but the volume that you get from both is similar, which is saying a lot, however the YSL can be layered easily and the L'oreal cannot.

From reviews I've read people either hate this or love this, I love it personally. The good: It separates well, gives great volume with one coat and holds a curl. The bad: not layerable, flakes a bit onto my cheeks. I have to be careful not to get this in my eyes (which is hard because I like to concentate my mascara the roots), L'oreal macaras tend to irritate my eyes for some strange reason.

Have you tried L'oreal False Lashes?


D.Sadie (D.G.S.Beauty) said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, thanks for the review and pictures! Very helpful.

Fannie said... Best Blogger Tips

Great pictures and review. I also prefer a drier formulation because I hate it when I blink after mascara application and I get globs of mascara under my eye. $16 at SDM? My god! I'll look out for this one at rexall or walmart.

Stephanie C. said... Best Blogger Tips

I usually love L'Oreal mascaras so I hope I like this one- it appears to be really nice! Thanks for the pictures, it makes your lashes look great!

MrsCassizzleSparkles said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the review! I think it looks great on your lashes. I prefer a wetter formula but I think I might give this one a go anyway as I'm always a fan of fiber mascaras.

Kim said... Best Blogger Tips

I am still on the fence about this one... I've had it for about a month now and the only way I can get it to work nicely is to layer it with another mascara as a base. I've been using NYC city curls as a base and layering the L'Oreal on top. It seems to be the only way my lashes don't clump into a mono-lash, lose the curl or flake. So, if you can't get it to work for you, try layering it...

G A B Y said... Best Blogger Tips

Hmmm I'm still not sure about this one. I've had it for only about one week but I personally like to layer my mascara and because this one is so dry, it looks super clumpsy and it doesn't really holds a curl on me ):

Cydonian said... Best Blogger Tips

That brush is gash, haha! That looks really gnarly. I never have good luck with L'oreal mascaras (something in my body chemistry makes them fade) but it looks good on you!

Eden-Avalon said... Best Blogger Tips

I've never really liked fiber mascaras. Something about that weird flaky thing!