Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NOTD: Rimmel Milk Chocolate and Down Days

The weather in my part of the world has been pretty dreary and miserable lately, very typical of Canadian fall: rainy, windy and cold. Also, I have been dealing with some personal issues over the past few days which have made me feel a bit depressed and down. My bf landed in the hospital for pancreatitis. He was admitted exactly 3 years ago for the same thing. The doctors don't really know why he keeps getting it, it's common in heavy drinkers, or those with gall stones. He doesn't really drink and his gall bladder was checked and nothing. He is on painkillers and loads of xrays and tests are being done to try and figure out what is wrong. He'll be in the hospital for a week. It makes me really sad that this keeps happening to him because health is so important and when you don't know what is causing your illness, it's hard to prevent it from happening again.

Also, we've been trying to get an apartment in Toronto for past three months and it's been a really hard time. So many places have fallen through or rented out before we got to them. That current place is fine, view of the lake, pretty large, but the owners do not want pets in the unit. We have two cats. We are going through a real estate agent and he assures us that it will be fine, just not to tell the owners. Before the hospital stuff happened we were in the final stages of the lease process. This is slowing things down, but maybe for the better. The owners keep making changes to the lease, adding clauses about being able to inspect the place whenever they want and us insuring that no pets will occupy the unit during the lease. I feel uncomfortable lying to them because if they do ever need to come by and repair something in the unit, my one cat will greet them at the door and it will not be a good scene. Also, the real estate agent is pushing us to hurry this along, despite me explaining to him that my bf is in the hospital and this is not our priority right now. I think he is just trying to get his commission and be done with it. I feel bad giving up this place, but I think we are going to have to. If only I had tons of money and could rent out any place that I wanted.

Anyway, enough about my life and onto the nail of the day. I painted my nails Rimmel's Milk Chocolate. This is a fairly nice drugstore colour. It's a beige nude colour, I think it resembles a light version of chocolate milk more than milk chocolate. It takes two coats and is very creamy. I think it's a good everyday colour. And for me it gives me that almost mannequin hands look. Since it's in the Lycra Wear 10 line it promises up to 10 days of wear, no base or topcoat needed. However, for my needs I did use both a base and topcoat and will change my polish within a few days so longwear is not a concern of mine.

I've also compared it here with similar colours in my collection. Orly's Country Club Khaki is on the left, which is   more grey and OPI Tickle My France-y on the right, which is more beige. Milk Chocolate is much more pink than these other two.
Do you have this polish?


Junerose said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey, you...Hang in there! All things shall pass. I am sending out good wishes for your bf to have a speedy recovery. This whole rental thing sounds fishy, so it's a good thing that you are not taking it. I don't think landlords are allowed to come in and inspect the place whenever they want. They have to have a valid reason and have to give you notice. I think you guys dodged a bullet.
The Rimmel polish looks lovely with your skin tone. Too bad I can't wear beige colors.

KayKay said... Best Blogger Tips

i loovee browns and nudes. this is a pretty color on your nails :)

Halifax said... Best Blogger Tips

Sorry you are going through a tough time. Hope the bf will feel better soon. I agree that it's better to be proactive about finding a new place, as you won't have enough time to prepare once the current place find out. Good luck!

Crystal said... Best Blogger Tips

Sorry to hear about your bf, I would be so sad too! Try research things he can at least avoid as much as possible, hope you figure it out.

Also about the apartment, I would really recommend you do not lease/rent from private owners (e.g. live in someone's property, or basement) because they will totally have access to it and go through your stuff (plus find out about the cat)... at least that is the experience I've learned from people in my life. Better off renting an apartment from an actual rental apartment building because then they won't come in for sure unless they have given you notice.

It's so funny that you chose this Rimmel color because I have it too and was considering putting it on the other day :)

Best wishes with everything!

ndoodles said... Best Blogger Tips

Haha I have Milk Chocolate on my nails right now! I really like the color since it is so natural - perfect for low maintenance stuff.

Bailey said... Best Blogger Tips

That is terrible about your personal life, but hopefully things will work themselves out a bit.

I have both milk chocolate and OPI tickle my francey and love both. Rimmel's milk chocolate was my first beige- nude type purchase, it got me hooked!

m said... Best Blogger Tips

Hope things get better soon, I;m sure you will find a great flat - just keep on looking!

Oreleona said... Best Blogger Tips

pretty color i love nudes and naturals on nails :)