Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Review: Sigma Makeup F60 SS190 Foundation Brush

Today's review is the Sigma Makeup F60, formerly the SS190 foundation brush. I generally do not use brushes like this to apply foundation, I use flat top brushes, but I purchased this brush just to test and review it out. The F60 is a synthetic bristles brush that can be used to apply liquid or cream foundation, moisturizers and even for concealing large areas. This brush sells for $14 on the Sigma Makeup website. I refer to these types of brushes as paint brushes, they look like the type that you would use to paint your walls, I find these give a streaky finish.

Despite not really favouring these types of brushes, I do have several of them. My favourite one believe it or not is the Revlon foundation brush (on left). We don't have Revlon brushes in Canada as far as I know, I got mine at Walgreens during a trip to the states, I believe it was also around $14. I do not have the MAC 190, but I have the special edition one (next to sigma in pic above). The Ecotools one is okay too, and the Quo one is really bizarre, it's pointy and round at the base, I'll do a separate review of that one, if you have that one, tell me below if you like it.

I think the Sigma brush is most similar to the Revlon, it's about the same length and the bristles are similar too. However what I like about the Sigma one, which is unlike all the others that I have, is the slightly pointed tip. I like that aspect for getting in creases of the face like around the eyes and nose. I have no issues with this brush, it did not shed or bleed colour. It is quite soft and appears well made, it maintains it's shape well too.

I find these types of brushes trap product in them, in this case foundation, very easily and need to be cleaned regularly or else it makes for icky application. Also it takes longer to apply foundation with these brushes, opposed to a flat top which is quite and covers a wider area. I like these for under eye concealing and covering redness on my face,but for foundation, I reach for my Sigma F80. Also, if the MAC 190 is like this Sigma one, I would definitely not recommend spending that much money, as there are many dupes of that brush available.

Although I love Sigma brushes for the most part, I found this brush to just be pretty average, my main problem with it was that the bristles were too thin feeling. When I apply it to my face the bristles have too much "give". What I like about the Revlon brush is it feels stiffer and less flexible, like there are more bristles to it, as it doesn't bend too much during application. When brushes like are too flexible, it can mean a streaky application.

Do you have this brush, do you like it? Do you use foundation brushes like these?


Bobby said... Best Blogger Tips

hi, loving the blog! Gutted i missed out on entering the giveway xxx


Stavroula said... Best Blogger Tips

Great review Justine! :) I have this brush, because it came with a set I got! I don't like this type of foundation brushes though!

MoonGirl said... Best Blogger Tips

It might seem tricky but if you know how to use it correctly this is a great type of foundation brush. I use this kind for applying mineral foundation. It is MUCH easier to control than a flat top or kabuki. Especially if you don't want to cover your entire face.