Friday, September 24, 2010

Everyday Minerals New Brushes Tapered Sculpting Face Brush, Large Mineral Brush, and Itahake Brush

I haven't ordered anything from Everyday Minerals in probably over two years. I used to use their minerals foundations exclusively and was a big fan. Then they started changing their kits around and everything got more expensive and so I moved on. They used to have this awesome kit where you could choose any 12 items for $60 I think it was, and any 6 items for $32. I don't remember the exact amounts, but it was something like this. Nothing was excluded, you could get full sized foundations, eyeshadows and best of all their brushes.  Anyway, I was bored last night and just browsing around and noticed that they have some new brushes out! I love my EDM Flat Top Kabuki (very similar to Sigma F80) and my long handled kabuki so new brushes from Everyday Minerals definitely intrigued me! Anyone know if they took the forum away on the website? I can't find it anywhere.

The first two new brushes are the Tapered Sculpting Face Brush and the Large Mineral Brush (pictured above), both have bamboo handles and totally synthetic bristles, which EDM is known for. The Tapered Sculpting Face Brush (retails for $12, on special now for $9) is a dome-shaped and multi-functioning, intended to be used for contouring, highlighting and blending mineral face powders. The shape of this looks really cool, almost like the egg-shaped MAC brush, but round instead. I may have to order this one, but I am going to read up some reviews before I take the plunge and since it's new-ish, there aren't many around.

The Large Mineral Brush (retails for $14, on special for $11) looks like the EDM long-handled kabuki but with a longer handle, and a tad rounder. This brush doesn't excite me as much, but it's cool too.

Next is this crazy looking Japanese-inspired, Itahake Brush (sells for $15, and currently out of stock). This brush has a flat surface with round edges, and is described as being "the perfect artisan brush to go along with your favo(u)rite face brushes." I personally don't know how I would use this other than maybe contouring? It looks really cool though and totally unique.

What do you guys think of these brushes?


Dee said... Best Blogger Tips

I used to love EDM but I haven't bought any in ages, not since the owner went all weird. And do we really need to see pictures of her on EVERYTHING? My last couple of orders even had postcards with pictures of her on them!

The forum was removed by the owner, there's another one set up somewhere but I'm afraid I don't have the URL. I looked at it once and it was just a lot of endless moaning about how crap EDM is now and I couldn't be bothered.

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@Dee - I know right, her pictures are everywhere, I guess it's nice to put a face to the brand, and she actually uses the products too. The forum was one of the nice things about this company, being able to interact with other fans, that sucks that they got rid of it. I am not interested in their foundations anymore, but the brushes look cool.