Monday, September 13, 2010

Mascara Monday: Rimmel Volume Flash The Max Bold Curves Review

This is Week 2 of my Mascara Mondays series, last week I did the Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara, today it's Rimmel's Bold Curves. Next week, I promise it will be a brand other than Rimmel. I just thought I would do Rimmel first because there aren't too many reviews of these mascaras and I think they are pretty good, it's like they don't get enough hype. Rimmel's Bold Curves is described on the Rimmel website as "flirtatious flutters up to 14x more volume, it will also create unmissable lashes with up to 70% more lift. Exclusive formula with collagen thickens lashes, while keratin helps to make them stronger, sleeker and shinier. And with our biggest, most curvaceous Bold-Lift brush, you can max out every lash in a flash!"

The Bold Curves brush is very similar to the original Rimmel The Max Volume Flash brush (see image above), except it's curved, so it gives the impression that it will provide more lift to your curl. The formulation seems the same to me, it's thick, and not too runny. Both of these are in black. I like the packaging of the Volume Flash mascaras, this one comes in a green tube and the other one is pink (see image above). I actually like the 'wetness' of this mascara, I find some mascaras (ie Rimmel Sexy Curves) are quite wet. I am a bigger fan of the wire bristles vs the plastic wands that a lot of mascaras have nowadays. I prefer the curved one over the regular one too, I find it easier to apply.

The brush is quite large on this mascara, which I like because it means it can cover lots of lashes at once. The only issue I have with the brush itself is every time you take it out of the tube, you get a blob of liquid on the tip (removed in picture above), this happens with a lot of mascaras however. I use the bottom part to comb through my lashes and then I find the top part is good at combing out excess afterwards.

It claims to give "the biggest curve ever" I am not sure about that. I curl my lashes of course, and this mascara does not weigh them down, but doesn't give remarkable results either. Does it give volume? I find it does alright, nothing spectacular. For those of you looking for a volumizing mascara, I say pass on this one. Also, if you put too much of this on, ie too many coats, you will get spidery lashes.

I like the result that this mascara gives, it's great for the lower lash line, and it gives a light, fluttery result. Sorry the picture above is not really focused well, but you get the idea. There is some flaking by the end of the day with this one. I have the tendency to get some fallout on my upper lids right above the lash line, if anyone has any suggestions on how to avoid that, please let me know.

Have you tried Rimmel's Bold Curves mascara?


Marj said... Best Blogger Tips

i completely agree! rimmel has some of the most underrated, overlooked mascaras!! & thanks to cvs & walgreens doing buy one get one half off almost every week, theyre SUPER affordable! i just got the bold curves today and im so excited to start using it this week! thanks for the review!

PoorCollegeStudent said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice review, I wondered about this. Since sexy curves I've been reluctant to get other rimmel mascaras.

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@Marj - we don't have as good of sales in canada, but I picked this one up for like $5 which wasn't bad at all.

@PoorCollegeStudent - did yo not like sexy curves?

Cinnabunnie said... Best Blogger Tips

i never liked rimmel mascaras. i have the sexy curves and it doesnt do smells funky too. cant wait for week 3!

~Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

I haven't tried Rimmel yet. I have the Sexy Curves but I haven't used that yet as I like to finish one mascara before opening another one.

Junerose said... Best Blogger Tips

This is the first time that I have seen this mascara. Great review!

Steph said... Best Blogger Tips

after trying this mascara, i decided that curved brushes just aren't my thing, lol. this one didn't do anything for my lashes. i had great success with one tube of the max volume flash mascara, but other than that rimmel hasn't worked well for me. i wish it did!

Stavroula said... Best Blogger Tips

Great review!! :) I've never tried a mascara with a curved wand! I like Rimmel Sexy Curves btw!

Lady CroCro said... Best Blogger Tips

Hello pretty! Yes I've tried it :) And I've done a spanish review of the product and I've link to your review, because with this, girls could comparize :) A kiss pretty!! I like so much your blog! Congratulations!!