Monday, April 11, 2011

Review: Hard Candy Fire Alarm Lipstick

Today's review is another Hard Candy product, this is their Fire Alarm liptsick. This is part of their "Painted Lady Manic Shine, Intense Color" lipsticks range, view all the shades available on Hard Candy's website. Actually I don't even see a colour called "Fire Alarm" on the website only "Firewall" so perhaps they changed the name or this is an old colour, no idea, maybe Hard Candy just needs to get it together, but this is the most popular one that I've read talked about so far.

As all Hard Candy products, they are quite affordable and found at Walmart. This lipstick comes in pretty elaborate packaging, some people find it cute, I find it pretty tacky and not practical, it's very kiddy. On the end of the lipstick tube you'll notice a red ribbon that hangs down and since the bottom is rounded to a point to the ribbon, you cannot stnad this lipstick up that way, you can stand it up the other way however.

My issue with the packaging too is that it's sooo cheap, the lipstick bullet itself gets nicked and torn up every time that I open it up. It doesn't pull up easily either, it gets caught as it moves up. So packaging-wise, I don't like it. Also, as with all Hard Candy products, they don't restock often, so you may have trouble finding the shade that you want. This lipstick has a slight fragrance to it, but nothing like MAC's vanilla scent (which I love).

The lipstick itself is a pinky nude, which I have compared here with my other similar lipsticks. At the top you've got MAC Creme D'Nude (which is more beige), then Hard Candy Fire Alarm, next is MAC Myth (which is more biege-toned as well), then MAC Hue, and ELF Natural Nymph to basically show how it's not full on concealer lips, but close. The tone of Fire Alarm is nice, you'll notice that there is a no orangey-ness to it, which I like.

And here are swatches, in the tube in the picture above it probably looks closest to MAC Creme D'Nude or Myth, but actually when swatched it is most similar to Hue. Hard Candy's Fire Alarm is actually more pigmented than Hue, and of similar consistency to a Cremesheen in that it has that glossy look to it. However, I definitely do not find it up to par to MAC lipsticks, it is chalky and comes off in pieces on my lips, it is not pretty when applied to dry lips (you must moisturizer before using).

Would I recommend this? If you're on a budget and want close to concealer lips sure, I am not a fan of the packaging and won't be buying anymore of their lipsticks personally. I much prefer my MAC lipsticks.


Eli said... Best Blogger Tips

The packaging is truly nice, but I have to agree - not very practical...

Marilou said... Best Blogger Tips

HOW GORGEOUS is this little lippie. My god! Hard Candy really has some amazing packaging and great quality from what I read.
The colour is totally what I could wear on a daily basis as Myth by mac is my number one lippie in the whole world. Thanks for the swatches, now I know I have to get Elf Natural Nymph asap.
I don't know if you have GOSH in Canada but they have the best nude lipstick : darling. (as I notice your love for nude lipstick)

Justine (Productrater) said... Best Blogger Tips

@Marilou - yes we have Gosh in Canada, I have their darling lipstick and it's a great nude too. :)

Mei Mei said... Best Blogger Tips

thanks for this review... I'm staying away from theses now. Great review and swatches ;-)

Val said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks beautiful! I really want to try hue so maybe this is the answer.

Tracy@Beauty Reflections said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the review! I shall pass and stick to Hue!

Caitlin said... Best Blogger Tips

I've looked at these in the store, but never seriously considered them because of the packaging. Like you said - it's a bit tacky; and although there is some novelty to it, that would quickly wear off. Now I guess the quality isn't anything to get excited about either, so good thing I stayed away!

Lisa (channelesque) said... Best Blogger Tips

I have this lipstick in's probably more wearable than fire's a glossy light coral color..but i hate the packaging! i hate how it can't be completely rolled down so when i'm putting the lid back on i have to be careful not to ruin the lipstick!

Loving this blog <3