Friday, April 8, 2011

Review: Skinny Dipping Fox in a Box Blush

When I first heard about the Hard Candy Fox in a Box blushes, the one that I wanted most of all was Skinny Dipping, strictly because of the bright orange that's in this duo. I managed to finally pick it up, along with one other (Truth or Dare) finally after hitting up several Walmarts. I previously reviewed Smooth Talker and was quite happy with this one too.

Skinny Dipping comes in the same box packaging as the other Fox in a Box blushes, they are pretty light in weight. These resemble the Benefit boxed blushes quite a bit. The difference is they are quite affordable, they sell for around $6. The trouble with Hard Candy is Walmart never seems to restock their items, so if your store is out of an item, you are forced to drive around like a crazy person to all the Walmarts in your radius trying to locate these (ie me).

This blush comes with two colours, on the left you've got a muted peach tan, and on the right is a bright orange. When I first saw these blushes I thought all the brown sides were bronzers, but they aren't. If you zoom in on the picture, you can also see a slight satin sheen to these, nothing major and you won't notice sparkles or anything.

Swatched on my fingers here, the orange comes out quite bright, while the brown side is definitely a more muted tone. I like these two swirled together, you get a more peachy blush.

And swatched here on the back of my hand, the pigmentation is pretty good, I did have to swipe twice here to get it to show this intense. I am pretty pale so they show up well on me. It's not the type of blush where I have to be careful to not overdo it, this is light. On darker skin tones, the lighter shade would probably not so up so much and would be more a glow.

Would I recommend this blush? Yes, if you like peach blushes this is a nice one and the price is very good.


Steph said... Best Blogger Tips

I can't wait to go home this summer, where there are Walmarts nearby! I'm going to at least get Smooth Talker thanks to your reviews!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Amazing right? I've abandoned pretty much all my other blushes for this!

Liz (Beauty Reductionista) said... Best Blogger Tips

It looks so dark in the box but it's helpful to know the application is light. Thanks!

Justine (Productrater) said... Best Blogger Tips

@Liz - ya it looks crazy bright in the pan, but not too wild in the swatch, so it's not too scary. :)

Mimsy said... Best Blogger Tips

oh, geez, you're just feeding my lemming :) I really didn't want to visit my local Wal-hell but that blush is gorgeous.

Pammy (PammyBlogsBeauty) said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Justine! Glad to see this review as I just purchased this but havent tested it yet...looks like it might be a winner for me too! :)

Tracy D said... Best Blogger Tips

I was afraid of that one & honestly thought it was meant to be a blush/bronzer duo..duh!

Em Wampach said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the colours! :) x

Priscilla said... Best Blogger Tips

I love Smooth Talker!! I got it a few weeks ago and just started using it this past week and I love it!! I want to get the whole collection! LOL =)

Annie said... Best Blogger Tips

I've been trying not to buy anymore blushes until I use one up (like when would that ever happen :( ). So to satisfy my need for an orangey blush, I've been dotting revlons kiss me coral lipstick on my cheeks. Its effective, but I want thisss. Too bad my walmart never has anything by hard candy. HC/walmart in toronto is losing so much money bc no one can ever find anything!

Mei Mei said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG that looks so pretty... thanks for the review and swatches,I was eyeing that one. Hopefully will be able to pick it up!

Urban Warrior said... Best Blogger Tips

This blush looks absolutely awesome! I love the bright orange! I will definitely look for this!

Tiffany said... Best Blogger Tips

This one looks really pretty! I'm all about peachy blushes. My Walmart is crappy and never gets new Hard Candy stuff -__-

Jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

thanks for your review and swatches! i've been curious about the other fox in a box powder/blushes :)

Jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

gorgeous colors!

Danielle said... Best Blogger Tips

I also recently picked up smooth talker, and I love how soft and finely milled it is! Great color for this time of year, thanks again for the lovely swatches. It looks like this is a great match for your skin tone!

whimsysophisticat said... Best Blogger Tips

i have to go get this just because of the packaging seriously sooo cute. The name is soo funny too:D the product doesn't look too bad either

whimsysophisticat said... Best Blogger Tips

i just got it, and i love it its soo cute!! great quality:D nicely milled and doesn't sit on the skin. lovely products and i dont usually like drug store brands. i want to get more!!! i did a little research and they are half the product of a benefit box, but thats fine you almost never hit pan on one of those anyways.

Justine (Productrater) said... Best Blogger Tips

@whimsysophisticat - ya I compared the size in the smooth talker review, I never go through anything, so I don't really mind the size difference. :)

Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

I just bought this blush and I do like it but also recently bought nars taj mahal and it is sooo nice with a light hand, such a nice peach glow.

Lisa (channelesque) said... Best Blogger Tips

this is such a cute products! thanks for this review! i MUST have it