Friday, February 18, 2011

Review: Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss

Revlon recently came out with Colorburst lipglosses, much like the Colorburst lipsticks these come with the black quilted design. I love the packaging of these and that's what attracts me every time. I picked up only two because they are quite expensive in Canada, I have seen them at Shoppers for as much as $16.99 eek! I got one from my recent Shoppers Optimum points redemption and the other I bought for about $10 at Rexall Pharma Plus during their 30% off lip products sale. (EDIT: I think Rexall had it for around $8 and Walmart has them on for $8 too now, but ya Shoppers Drug Mart is expensive)

The applicator is interesting, it's flexible and thin on the one end dipping in slightly, and flatter on the other. I would rather they have a normal applicator since this is kinda too pointy for my liking, but whatever no biggie. There is a slight scent to these, it's vanilla-y, but not the pleasant vanilla that MAC lipsticks have, this is more artificial.

I picked up two colours, Papaya and Orchid. What turned me off a lot of these lipglosses was the amount of shimmers in them, personally I don't like a lot of shimmer on my lips, and many of these are packed full. Papaya was the one that interested me from the get-go, it's a bright peach colour (comes across very bright in these pictures because of the flash). While Orchid is a purple/mauve with silver and gold shimmers.

Papaya is a more bold colour, but I like it, great for summer. This was harder to apply than the Orchid one because it is a thicker consistency, which means get pigmentation but can be messy. This feels heavier on your lips that I would expect a gloss to. It appears as a creme finish at first, but if you really look at it there are minor peach shimmer in it, you won't notice it on your lips though.

Orchid is a more wearable colour, it's purple with LOTS of shimmers (see tube picture), so if you don't like shimmers steer far from this one. This one applied more even and sheerer, but still gives good colour payoff.

If this collecton had more cremes, I would definitely purchase more, but I think that's all I am getting for now. These are nice for drugstore, Revlon makes pretty good lip products.

Have you picked up any of the Revlon Colorburst lipglosses?


Miss ♥ Nikka said... Best Blogger Tips

I love revlon's lip glosses! I have like 5 of them. I still need to check out the new ones they came out with. I like the color Papaya.

Vanilla said... Best Blogger Tips

strange!!I got these lip glosses from Rexall during 30% off sale and each was 7.99CAD$....and also found that Walmart offers best price for these: 7.97CAD$ (regular price)!

Justine (Productrater) said... Best Blogger Tips

@vanilla - Maybe mine at Rexall was that much, I don't really remember to be honest, I was guessing. Ya the Walmart price is a sale price. SDM sucks for cosmetics, they are so expensive.

Miss A said... Best Blogger Tips

I love Orchid, very wearable, very nice :)

don't know if i've said it already but.. i love your blog. so glad i discovered it :)


DesignerSpray said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, this looks awesome! I'm more of a lipstick kinda girl. Papaya looks gorgeous! Looks like a watermelon kinda of colour. xx

MINAKICHU said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm loving the papaya it looks so bright and pretty;-)

PoorCollegeStudent said... Best Blogger Tips

I wasn't impressed with these. I much prefer the new NYC liquid lip shines.

Justine (Productrater) said... Best Blogger Tips

@Miss A - Thank you, it means a lot! :)

@PoorCollegeStudent - I haven't tried those yet, will have to, thanks!

Harshleen said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm loving Orchid.....such a pretty shade! Need to pick it up now....thanks for the heads up!

ndoodles said... Best Blogger Tips

Very pretty! I love the packaging - reminds me of some MAC lipglasses *in pictures of course*

Ella Pretty Blog said... Best Blogger Tips

Papaya looks like a great shade - how long does the colour last compared to other glosses - is it long-lasting?

Charming Vanity said... Best Blogger Tips

I actually love these lipglosses. Revlon just launched them here back in Jan and I only bought Hot Pink just to try out! Now I'm definitely gonna get more of it..

Justine (Productrater) said... Best Blogger Tips

@Ella Pretty Blog - For me, no lipgloss really lasts very long, I mean I can feel it, but it doesn't look as good as first applied. I think the lasting power is even with any other lipgloss

Justine (Productrater) said... Best Blogger Tips

@Charming vanity - Oh hot pink looked great too!

rakhshanda said... Best Blogger Tips

wow hot pink is my it. so pretty on your lips.

Justine (Productrater) said... Best Blogger Tips

@rakhskanda - I am not wearing hot pink in those pictures....

Isabel said... Best Blogger Tips

Lol o_O at the hot pink. I'm surprised Orchid actually turned out to be so pretty! I don't like purplish lip products but it doesnt look that purple on your lips ^_^

Bailey said... Best Blogger Tips

Great review! I love the Colourburst lipsticks but still haven't picked up a gloss yet. I saw the new ones but they all look so shimmery, I'm like you, I would be more prone to buy if there were more cremes.

Tracy@BeautyReflections said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the Papaya! Loving the brights lately.
Great review!