Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Monthly Faves: October 2010

What have I liked most this month? There has been quite a lot of products that I have bought and haven't been too keen on it,but there have also been some gems. Here are my favourites for the month of October...

Revlon Photoready is a foundation that I've been reaching for, frankly I don't *love* this foundation, I did a review when I first bought it. But looking at it sitting amongst all my other foundations (I have many) I feel sorry for it because the packaging is so pretty and have been trying to use it up. As you can tell, I have a long way to go. I have this in the second lightest colour, "002 Vanilla". If you set it with a powder, it's tolerable, but yes it is a glitterbomb.

Olay classic moisturizing lotion for sensitive skin. Sometimes it's better to go back to basics with your face moisturizer and this Olay one is a great one. It's non-comeogenic, light, non-greasy with chamomille and aloe, fragrance and colour-free etc etc. I love this stuff, and people that use Olay face products have gorgeous skin when they get old, from what I've read online, so it's all good.

The Body Shop Coconut Lip Butter. This has been my lipbalm of choice for last month. I love anything Coconut scented so this one is great. It comes in a little pot, screws on easily and is great for on the go. It does give your lips a minor white cast, but it goes away once it absorbs.

Sigma Makeup F25 Tapered Face Brush. This brush has quickly become my everyday routine favourite brush for applying contouring powder all over. I like the shape of it and how soft it is. This one is actually the slightly shorter handle one that comes with the Premium travel set, I prefer the shorter handle, but the brush head is basically the same.

Revlon Age Defying Concealer. LOVE this concealer for under the eyes. I wrote a full review of it here, it's moisturizing and gives great coverage. Definitely pick this up if you haven't. I've tried tons of concealers and this one rocks!

Wait another Revlon product???? Revlon Grow Luscious mascara is pretty freaking good too. I don't know if it's making my lashes grow lusciously, but I like it anyway, the brush is easy to apply and it gives my lashes that "my lashes but better" type of look. Full review here.

MAC Gingerly blush. I love peach blushes, and I picked this up one earlier this month. It's a favourite of Kim Kardashian's. Me and Kim have totally different skintones but I liked how it looked on her so why not get it? It's a dark peach matte blush, sheertone finish so it won't make you look crazy if you put on too much. It makes me think of pumpkins and autumn weather.

What were your favourites for October?


Mai said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm not one for nonwaterproof mascara but that teal tube is really making me want to get it!

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@Mai - I prefer waterproof mascaras too, but I like this Revlon one a lot, the packaging is cute too! :)

H said... Best Blogger Tips

Mmmmm, gingerly is a huge favourite!

Charming Vanity said... Best Blogger Tips

Love ur october favs especially the MAC blush and the tapered face brush...great post!

PoorCollegeStudent said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice Favorites! I love that Revlon concealer and mascara too! I wish photo ready was nicer to my dry skin; it's so pretty in the bottle.

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@poorcollegestudent - I agree, it's not great for my skin either (dry).

birminghamlady said... Best Blogger Tips

i love orangy-peachy blushes too! and i also fall into the mistake to buy stuff that look good on others but there's no way in hell they'll look good on me.

Cosmetics Aficionado said... Best Blogger Tips

That blush looks so pretty!

I have a MAC 165 brush with a similar shape to your Sigma, but it is a smaller. I love it though!

prettyaspeaches said... Best Blogger Tips

I definitely need to check out the olay lotion. Looks promising!

mollyvogue said... Best Blogger Tips

I really like the Gingerly blush by mac and have wanted it for ages. hmm....maybe it should be added to my christmas list :P



Donna ♥ Baby said... Best Blogger Tips

i should try that olay product! and i think i got that same brush from sigma!! or maybe the small version. but anyway i cant wait to get them ^__^ thanks so much again!

Hauls and Reviews said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the Olay moisturizer it's one of my favourites, unfortunately I feel like I'm going to need something more moisturizing as the weather gets dryer

3ate4 said... Best Blogger Tips

Might have to try the moisturizer, needing a new one right now!

BeautyParler said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice pics! I like the Revlon fndn too (good drug-store buy).

InsideOut Elle said... Best Blogger Tips

I tried the photoready foundation (in vanilla too :) ) and you're so right...it's way too sparkly. A dewy look is one thing but seriously....

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@insideout Elle - I know right? lol

Yuna said... Best Blogger Tips

I should try that Coconut lip butter I love coconut scent, I have their Born Lippy Watermelon one and I love it.

Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank God I didn't buy the photoready foundation!! Can you imagine oily skin combined with this? LOL!!

Hehe you liked the Coconut lip butter, I liked the Coconut body butter from TBS! :)


RoAmyLive said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree, I like the Photo Ready packaging but the foundation is just MEH! I find myself giving it more of a chance than I should.