Friday, February 25, 2011

Review: Clairol Nice and Easy Colorblend Foam

Clairol recently out with a new haircolor product, 'Nice and Easy Colorblend Foam' and gave away a ton of these (in coupons) on Facebook, I managed to get one. A little background on my hair, I typically only dye it at home since it's so expensive at salons. My hair is long, so I use two bottles normally, but used one this time. My hair is medium brown, but has some greys (found my first grey when I was 15). I dye it to liven up the color more and cover greys. Plus I like the softness and glossiness that hair dye gives my dry hair. My regular hair dye is Clairol's Natural Instincts, it's a semi permanent dye with no ammonia. I don't normally opt for permanent dye (like this foam) because I am always worried I won't like the colour.

Here is what you get in the package, standard stuff here, except one main difference, the hair dye comes with a nozzle instead of the typical liquid pour bottle. The gloves that they apply you (in small square package) ripped as soon as I put them on, which made for a messy application.

I got it in the colour., 5 Medium Brown. I aim for a shade close to my natural color, I don't like red undertones and usually opt for "cool" tones. This range does not offer varying shades, it's mostly just standard ones, there is a lighter brown and darker brown available close to this.

Here are the directions, put on the gloves, shake the developer and dye up, but the nozzle on the bottle, apply it, etc. You know how it works. And you leave it on for 25 minutes, and 10 minutes longer if you have persistent greys. Eek that's a long time.

What surprised me about this dye is that the nozzle does not pump, when you shake the bottle (to mix up the dye) it foams on it's own and then you just squeeze the bottle to get it out. I thought the nozzle would turn it into a foam. Notice how foamy it is in the bottle already?

And here is the foam, notice how the color is not consistent all the way through? I think this is a major con of the product, I don't feel like it gives even application because of this.

When I first heard about this product, I thought the foam aspect was really neat, but having used it now I think the foam makes for uneven application and the entire process takes longer. And another main con, this stuff stinks of strong ammonia! Does all permanent hairdye smell of ammonia? It was like putting cat pee all over my head, I hated it, I stood out on my balcony for the majority of the 25 minutes because it was so strong. And I threw the bag with the garbage out right away, in fear that my cats would start peeing in my bathroom. I would not purchase this again because of the smell.

As for the shade, I picked one that turned out to be too dark for me, it's almost black (with a red tint eww). I would say this is my own fault, but it was the only shade that interested me. Also, I got staining on my scalp and along my forehead hairline, I assume this will come out after repeated washing. I hope this hairdye tones down as I wash it too.

Have you tried the Clairol Colorblend Foam? What your favourite hair dye?


Edwina said... Best Blogger Tips

I got my coupon too! but I haven't had time to go get the actual product! I cant wait! I wanna try and get a lighter brown :)

Justine (Productrater) said... Best Blogger Tips

@Edwina - ya if you have dark brown hair (looks like you do) go lighter unless you want black hair!

MUA Lindsay said... Best Blogger Tips

I think they all somewhat smell of ammonia, but it doesn't bother me. Or at least with any dyes I've tried. I LOVE being a blonde, but I prefer it with highlights and that's expensive to maintain, so I've been brunette for 8 months (this time). A LOT cheaper! I've been using Ion from Sally's and having great luck. I never THOUGHT to use a demi-permanent until my sister-in-law said her hair stylist said to use it since she's going darker and it isn't has hard on your hair. I'm going to try it next time. Though I was told Ion's demi's run 2 shades darker than the perm's, so since I use 4N & 5N, I should use 6N & 7N in the demi. Thankfully I haven't had to deal with grays yet, I just hate my natural dirty blonde color. Light/Medium Neutral Brown (which turns a slightly warm on me) is my favorite at the moment. I've learned (the hard way) Warm colors go TOO warm and Cools turn my hair GREEN! Eek!

Justine (Productrater) said... Best Blogger Tips

@MUA Lindsay - Every time I go to get my haircut, they ask if I dye my own hair, they like the colour (say they do anyway) but always want to dye it for me. And I know doesn't totally go on even since I do it myself, and I am kinda haphazard about it, hence why I want to go as close as possible to my natural colour. I will see at sally's next time I dye it, which may be soon if this doesn't tame down!

Tracy D said... Best Blogger Tips

In an effort to save some money I have used an at home color a few times. Just recently I used Feria, which I believe is permanent. I like it because it has dimension & doesn't leave your hair color so flat looking. Although soft at first it can be quite drying. The smell is strong but nothing I'd have to stand outside for ;)

BeautyParler said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Justine, Too bad yours didn't work out. Here's my review:
It did smell but I don't dye my hair at home often so I assume its normal. My hair has faded a bit, but I like that look because I had highlights before so they come thru.

Bailey said... Best Blogger Tips

I just go my coupon for this in the mail yesterday! But I'm not sure if anywhere around here will take it since it mails to an American address.

It's odd that the bottle doesn't have a more controlled nozzle on it and that it looks so uneven. Huh. I would have gone for the same colour you did, so thanks for the heads up on it. I read somewhere that shampooing with a bit of vinegar can lighten a dye that came out too dark. I've never tried it though

Donna ♥ Baby said... Best Blogger Tips

your are serioulsy the product rater queen haha. i love all your thorough and honest reviews. i always used to dye my hair with box dyes but this time i think im going to go to sallys! its cheaper and more effective! (from what ive heard)

and to your comment: the louis vuitton bags my dad bought are just imitations from the philippines haha. theyre not real which is why he bought 4. dont ever buy a high end bag from an asian at a ridiculous high price because 99.9% of the time it's fake haha. :)

Tracy@Beauty Reflections said... Best Blogger Tips

@Justine:The smell sounds horrible! That's so bad! Thanks for the review!

Justine (Productrater) said... Best Blogger Tips

@Tracy D - Maybe I am just overly sensitive to smells, although I didn't think I was... I think I will stick to my natural instincts from now on.

@BeautyParler - I will definitely check out your review, thank you!

@Bailey - I noticed the US address too, but my cashier didn't seem to care. They are supposed to be sending replacements to Canadians with the correct address. I still paid the tax on it though, didn't want to take the chance at SDM.

@Donna.Baby - the purses look pretty good, I wouldn't be able to afford a real one.. maybe if I stopped buying makeup for a year or something! thanks for letting me know.

@Tracy @Beauty Reflections - I've read other people thought it was stinky too. Thanks for reading! :)

nessQ said... Best Blogger Tips

Justine, I think your foam wasn't mixed properly because shaking it activated the foam.
It's suppose to remain liquid until pumped out.
When you "shake it" all you do is tilt the bottle 180 degrees back and forth for 30seconds~
The original concept was by a Japanese brand called 'Prettia'
& if you have a look at their video here, they strictly say do not shake up and down.

Justine (Productrater) said... Best Blogger Tips

@nessQ - in the directions picture that I posted above it says to shake the bottle until mixed completely.

iRene* said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the review. I'm looking for a new hair dye for upcoming photos and I think I'm going to pass Clairol, I hate strong smelling ones. And interesting, never used foam before .. don't think I will.

Thanks for the review! :)

~Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the review.

When I saw this, I got a little excited as I love anything foam! LOL

KAY said... Best Blogger Tips

hey! i got my coupon, too. I have black hair, but there aren't a box that recommend a shade for black hair :( do you think if i pick a lighter shade it will still work?

Justine (Productrater) said... Best Blogger Tips

@Kay - looks like there is a black, check out the link below for their shade chart.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I used Clairol color foam medium brown for the 1st time today and the results are horrible! It came out black. And I mean BLACK!! I have spent the day washing and rewashing my hair with volumizing shampoo trying to tone it down & so far, no luck. I have a shower to go to in 2 days and I am mortified at the way my hair looks. Save yourself lots of money and stick to any other product besides this. Obviously never pre-tested before it was released to consumers!

Justine (Productrater) said... Best Blogger Tips

@Anonymous - I feel your pain!!! I am in the same position as you! this dang stuff still hasn't washed out and I am still working on lightening my hair since this terrible dye took a toll on it.I've been using the john frieda for blondes lightening shampoo that someone recommended, yet it hasn't done much, my hair is like black too.. argh, sorry you have the same problem! :(

Donna said... Best Blogger Tips

I just colored my hair yesterday and it came with red highlights. I'm a little disappointed since I was going for a shade or two lighter, but my hair is naturally super dark brown, almost black, with red highlights, so at least it doesn't look unnatural on me. I didn't use this hair color formula though, I get mine at Big Lots where they have tons of Clairol Herbal Essences Color Me Vibrant hair color for only $3 or 4 a box. I thought I picked the same one I used last time, but I guess I didn't!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Justine's comments could have been written by me . . .med brown turns black; stained skin, etc. . . the point is manufacturers ruin a good thing in the name of improvement--Natural Instincts was ruined,and the two-weeks-later application is horrendous . . . this foam is very upsetting!! Clairol, your reputation has gone down the tubes!

Roberta Collins said... Best Blogger Tips

I used the medium ash blond shade.  The foam, foamed; didn't drip; all was well until I noticed a warning in the directions. It warned to make sure the color # on the box matches the color # on the bottle.  Made me leery, but unfortunately not leery enough....I kept it on the prescribed amount of time and turned so dark I could be a Munster!
Horrified, I washed it with Tide...nothing happened, then tried Dawn...nothing.  Called Clairol help center and reached a young woman who kept "axing" me questions. She knew nothing!   I asked for her supervisor....Andrea, who was surprised I had a problem with this product.  She too had questions (but at least knew to say ask)...implied my washed out light ash blond was too porous and caused the problem.  I tried for her supervisor, but that person 'in a meeting'. She offered a $75 reimbursement trip to my hairdresser....said she'd send a form for the hairdresser to complete and return.  I'm in way can this be done at my salon for $75... Asked more insistently for Andrea said the $75 was a minimum amount.  I angrily gave her my information....and must admit muttered "bitch" as I hung up.  Wasn't  too surprised not to have heard from them.  Tried the Clairol Foam site but cannot make a complaint there.  NEVER AGAIN! Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

This is exactly what happened to me! To every detail. I have medium brown hair with a some light intermittant graying. I used Clairol Loving Care Med. Ash Brown for years. It was the perfect color for me and amonia free. They quit making it and so I tried the new foam product. Even called/emailed Clairol AHEAD of time, to MAKE SURE the color was the same. They even have the Med. Ash Brown color and I was told it was the same shade. It turned out as dark as the Munster lady (I loved that comment... I said the exact SAME thing.) Everyone I meet has quite interesting comments trying to make me feel better. I look rediculous. It is very dramatic! It is just as horrible as it smelled. I have seen so many complaints online... the company HAS to know. I will be calling them tomorrow, but thanks to this blog, my expectations are not very high about getting any resolution.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

The same exact thing happened to me - I used to use Clairol Perfect 10 Medium Brown which apparently has been discontinued, so I bought the Clairol Nice and Easy Medium Brown foam thinking that it would be the same color - it is, after all, by the same company. My hair is almost black and the staining around my hairline was so bad that I had to scrub with astringent, use Pond's Cold Cream, and then facial cleanser and there is still a stain. Never again !!