Saturday, February 5, 2011

Review: Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

I got Laura Mercier's Silk Creme foundation over Christmas, had some time to use it and today I will review it for you here. I like Laura Mercier's products but find them quite expensive, this foundation retails for $55CAD/$42US and can be bought at Sephora or wherever Laura Mercier products are sold. I was debating between this and the Creme Smooth (the one in the pot) but that one is even more expensive and I am not crazy about the packaging, I have tried a sample of it and it's beautiful, I am tempted to say better than this one.

I have this in the shade "Cream Ivory" which is the lightest shade they make, suitable for those with 'light ivory/very fair skintones' according to the colour chart on Sephora's website. My store actually had a spot for "Soft Ivory" (lighter shade) but they did not have any in, and oddly enough the website does not list that colour, but Laura's website does, I am not sure if this is an old or new colour. I think this foundation is really not catering to light skintones, I think "Cream Ivory" is better suited for someone NC20, and I am NC15, I find the colour to be a tad too dark and I have to really watch when I apply it or else I get the line under my chin. It's a real pity and frustrating when you find a nice foundation, but it's not quite right for you because of the colour.

The packaging is a sleek brown tube, it says "shake well" on the cap and they mean it! if you don't shake this you will get oil/water dripping out and it's not pretty. The tube gets you 35ml, which is slightly more than the 30ml that most foundations offer. The coverage on this is advertised as being "luminous, natural coverage". On the back of the package it says "beautiful, light-diffusing formula offering advanced light-reflection properties which cause fine lines and wrinkles to optically vanish. ... innovation foundation that delivers flawless, buildable coverage in a long wearing rich hydrating base." I would definitely say this is great on dry skin (which I have) it does feel hydrating and comfortable. I don't set this with a powder, I feel you'll lose the luminous finish of it, and might as well wear any other foundation.

Here is the texture of the foundation on my hand, notice how it's very yellow based. Sephora's website says this is great for those with rosacea, I don't have rosacea but I have splotchy skin. The shade up, "Rose Ivory" is the pinker equivalent. It's like the name suggests a creme foundation, but definitely a light creme with a liquid feel, this isn't heavy at all. Actually the texture of it would make you think it wouldn't cover well since it's so light, but it does.

And here blended in slightly (not all the way to show appearance). My hand looks darker than the foundation, but in reality the foundation is darker. It covers very well, I would say this medium-full coverage. It has a slight scent, kind of sweet. This does oxidize on me as well, so it being too dark to begin with is not good. That dot on my hand right of the swatch is from dryness, I get these little marks on my skin from when it's very dry. This foundation makes dry skin look more glowy and healthy, which is a nice effect. Silk Creme is nice for the winter, in the summer may be too hydrating and potentially move around too much on the skin.

I am on the fence with this though, I wish the lighter colours were more varied, I am not entirely sure that I will be keeping this. I think for $55 you should really get a foundation that you love. If anyone has tried the "Soft Ivory" shade please let me know, or if you are light tell me if this has worked for you.

edit: I returned this product, loved it, but the colour match was not for me, too dark. I realize that in pictures it looks like a good match, but that is just because my camera sucks.

Have you tried this foundation?


mint said... Best Blogger Tips

that looks good. thanks for the review, I haven't tried this yet but it'll probably annoy me to have to shake it really well every morning. esp when am running late. haha

luckiebeauty said... Best Blogger Tips

I've heard a lot of good comment about it acutally! It looks pretty nice. Thanks for the review!

K said... Best Blogger Tips

I used the Rose Ivory some time ago and as you said it was a really nice foundation with a $55 price tag at Sephora. The unfortunate thing about it was that about 2/3 of the tube in, it separated so badly that even shaking it like crazy wouldn't help much. From that point on it would oxidize so badly I finally gave up and tossed it never finishing it. While I loved the feel, finish and way it matched my skin tone, I'd find that every once in a while it would migrate & settle into the fine lines in corners of my eyes leaving what looked like sparkles behind, so I think the luminosity came from that. It WAS nice while it lasted, but I feel that there are better & cheaper options available now.

Steph said... Best Blogger Tips

Ahh! $55 for a foundation >< that is steep and to think that I doesn't work that well too... thanks for sharing :) Great review as always! xx

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@K - wow that separating stuff does not sound good. This foundation is really just a liquid in a tube. The more I think about it, the more I know I should probably take this back (dont have a receipt from sephora though since it's was a gift). I have enough foundation and thinking this out was nice, but it's not the right colour for me.

Tracy D said... Best Blogger Tips

Justine I've seen a few other reviews on this and they weren't loving it either. I agree, for $55 you just expect more. I love the LM mineral makeup, have you ever thought of trying that? It's more of a silky finish, not powdery at all.

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@Tracy D - On youtube people LOVE this foundation, juicystar07 has it in her monthly favourites every month. Not a huge fan of hers, but I was curious. Not much of a mineral makeup fan cause my skin is dry.

makeupbykatie said... Best Blogger Tips

Loooks nice! My skin is dry so it looks perfect for me(=

prettyaspeaches said... Best Blogger Tips

Sephora will take it back without a receipt. They'll just give you store credit. As for this foundation, I'm liking it a lot but then again I'm not much of a foundation junkie like you ;-) They have Soft Ivory at nordstrom and that's what the MUA matched me with the first time around. It's the equivilent of NC10-15. I match perfectly to Rose ivory since cream ivory was too yellow. Rose ivory is quite yellow I think which is good because I can wear both NC/NW foundations. I think I might still have a sample of Soft Ivory. I could do some swatches for you but Makeupalley has some swatches of the color too I think.

Mary Elizabeth said... Best Blogger Tips

I have been thinking about getting the oil free tinted moisturizer for a long time, have you tried it? It's also really expensive so I'm not sure if the price is worth it but I have herd good reviews on sephora.

By the way, thanks for signing up for my Youtube Channel! I really appreciate it! :)

Mrs. Davis @ The Carolina Housewife said... Best Blogger Tips

I just wrote a review of this for my blog and as someone with extremely dry skin, I think it's fabulous. I bought the Rose Ivory color and had it matched to my skin at the department store. Also tried to the Creme Smooth which I felt was slightly too greasy for me and I didn't like the coverage--made the dryness of my skin more obvious.

Seems like the color was the whole issue for you. Thanks for following my blog--I look forward to reading your posts in the future :-)

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@prettyaspeaches - Ya a store credit would be fine, gives me a chance to get something else and review it. I tried looking for swatches but didn't find any, if you could do swatches that would be awesome, I would love to see it.

Rainy Days and Lattes said... Best Blogger Tips

I've def tried this foundation and it's beyond good, but the price of it is what's keeping me from repurchasing. I do like their face powders as well.. really good stuff :)