Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Review: Too Faced Shadow Insurance

I picked up the Too Faced Shadow Insurance as part of my Sephora haul recently. I had the $20 off $40 VIB coupon and was so excited to finally be able to pick up some goodies. Sephora is like a makeup candy store and for makeup hoarders (or lovers to put it nicely haha) it can be very dangerous. Too Faced Shadow Insurance was one of those products that I'd heard about years and years back, but being a UDPP kind of girl, I put it in the back of my mind. I did finally pick it up and man, I am severely disappointed unfortunately.

This product sells for $24 CAD at Sephora. It comes with 11g in a squeezy tube, the packaging is very cute and that's what got me to pick this up in the first place it's much more user-friendly. My UDPP is getting on my nerves with the stupid packaging it has. I think for the price, this product should be great, or at least as good as UDPP and it's not in my opinion. This product promises "full coverage insurance policy against all fading, creasing, melting, blurring,  oil slicked shadow disasters." It's a silicon based primer for the eyelids which is supposed to "transform any eye shadow into a blendable, colour-drenched intensified version of itself and lock it down until you take it off". The skin soothing formula is also meant to even out the skin tone and smooth out lines.

I won't get into how well it performs unfortunately because upon opening it, I was very surprised at the initial result. Being the silly girl that I am, I opened the packaging and started squeezing this stuff right on my eyelid as I have seen girls on youtube do, well I got oily, runny nastiness all over my eyes! I took it off and then shook the package thinking that's what it needed since it's clearly separated in the tube. When I shake it, all I hear is liquid, it doesn't even sound filled all the way. Well shaking and shaking and shaking some more, even rolling it in my hands like you would with nail polish, all I still get what you see in the picture above, an oily/watery separated mess! I shake and shake and it gets a bit better, but this product requires too much work (and shaking!) and hassle and I haven't even tested if it works well as a primer.

For me, this is a huge disappointed, UDPP never did this, it was a thick cream that applied easily, the formulation was quite dry, this TFSI is wet, oily and runny, not what I need in an eyeshadow primer. I don't know how many people use this. I asked on makeupalley and apparently this happened to others as well and they stopped using this product. Maybe I got a bad one? This one is going back to Sephora and I am getting something else, there is a ton of products that I want from Sephora and I don't have the time and money to waste on a product like this, that does not work at all for me. Sorry Too Faced Shadow suck.

Have you girls used this product? What did you think?


MissJayce said... Best Blogger Tips

So shocked but thanks! Never heard of that one before. And in a tube, it's so hard to shake! Good thing u can take it back to sephora :)

Donna ♥ Baby said... Best Blogger Tips

oh no that really sucks! thats weird i thought those primers would be creamy and thick :S maybe there was just something wrong with THAT product. thank goodness you can return it though!

siwing said... Best Blogger Tips

oh no! that sucks!! i've heard so many good things about TFSI too.. but like you, i've been a UDPP girl.. i don't have any experience with TFSI.. but it might be a defective one.. i would definitely bring it back too.. what are you planning to get ^_^

Ashley said... Best Blogger Tips

Ugh Justine, I'm sure you got a faulty one because I have two tubes of TFSI and it has never given me trouble! It seperates in the tube if you don't use it often but not to the extent of what happened for you. It's odd that everyone either hates UDPP and loves TFSI or the reverse but never loving both equally. I think both are fine but now and then UDPP makes my eyeshadow look patchy and neither give me the full 9+ hours of wear time :/
Once I'm done with my full bottle of UDPP Eden and two tubes of TFSI, I'm going go to try the LORAC eye primer. So many primers, too less of eyes!

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@Ashley - I could see this happening if my tube had been laying around unused for a long time, but I just bought this a few days ago, and I shook it all over and it's still separating. I think there are definitely two schools on the eyeshadow primer front, the udpp and the tfsi people, I am on udpp's side for now. ;)

MUA Lindsay said... Best Blogger Tips

My TFSI wasn't originally like that, but over time, it separated. I find kneading it works best. Just squishing it around in the tube to mix it.

Charming Vanity said... Best Blogger Tips

I think something is definitely wrong with ur bottle of product. I tried my friend's and the consistency was creamy and thick..Hope u get to change it to another better one..


ndoodles said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like you got a faulty one... because mine is fine. But yeah, TFSI does do that eventually. That is why I like my UDPP way better!

Steph said... Best Blogger Tips

My victoria's secret pro eyeshadow primer does the same thing now, but I've had mine for about 4 months already and it works after I shake it. I'm really interested to see how these compare though, as the formulas look really similar.
I'm sorry you seem to have gotten a faulty one! That is disappointing :(

Mandy said... Best Blogger Tips

i'm surprised! nothing like this had happened to me since i've bought my TFSI like 2 months ago. Mine comes out creamy nothing watery/oily in your photo :S i wonder why your one is like that?
I dont' even shake mine :p

Beauty Addict said... Best Blogger Tips

So sorry to hear you didn't like it! I've never tried it before, I often use UDPP and I love it. Just the stupid bottle that is a problem...

Estefania Lovelifefashion said... Best Blogger Tips

I've got Too Faced shadow insurance since June and I'm using it everyday, mine is not oily or wattery, and my eye make up stays perfect for about 9 hours :( I don't know whats wrong with yours :(
I keep my tube head down in a brush holder, maybe that could work for you....
Anyways, if you have the choice to send it back to Sephora... that would be better ;)

MissA* said... Best Blogger Tips

This primer is my HG product. I've been using it for 2 years now. Mine is creamy and thick.

masia said... Best Blogger Tips

justine!!! and i thought it was just me - everyone seems to be a lover of TFSI so i went out and got it bloody seperates, i did exactly the same, opened it and squeezed it out and this yucky translucent oily liquid came out, and unfortunately, it still does unless i shake shake shake and squeeze the formula in the bottle around :/ SOOOO not impressed but i can't give mine back - boots wouldn't take it back (in the UK) i'm kinda stuck with it.
much prefer UDPP :(
thanks for the review!!!
maria x

Cydonian said... Best Blogger Tips

I think you got a bad one, to be honest... I've gone through 3 tubes of TFSI now, one of them I had for over a year as it was when I was starting out with makeup and I've NEVER had one do that. I had one tube towards the very end of its life separate a little but a quick shake put it back to normal. I would definitely take it back. I swear by TFSI!

Cydonian said... Best Blogger Tips

Also, just because you bought it recently doesn't mean it was put in the store recently =/ who knows how long those products sit around? I wonder about mascaras sometimes.

Amanda Popko said... Best Blogger Tips

why not try contacting the company that makes it by emailing them and telling them about your experience,they may just send you a free tube and maybe it was old ,hmm give it a try said... Best Blogger Tips

i agree! very runny but i use this mainly for swatches, where I can rub it in my arm and let it dry

Shaylee Anne said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't really like mine either but I don't remember it having this watery consistency! Its funny because I JUST read another review today about how good this product is! I really do think you got a bad bottle but it doesn't work that great when you have a good one either haha! :(

Kaitlyn said... Best Blogger Tips

wow.. i'm happy i didn't buy this! i was contemplating it, but after your review, i'll stick with UDPP.

Val said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the review, because I was thinking of getting this - but I'm not going to now!


kali said... Best Blogger Tips

Hmm.. I think you may have gotten a bad batch. This happened to me before too and I was pretty sure the product was just separated but I took it back anyways. The SA told me that it was just separated but I insisted on returning for another tube. The 2nd tube was perfectly fine! It's never been like this (liquidy) since I've had it (over a year.)

I DO love TFSI. For me, it works better with dry skin but I think UDPP performs slightly better (except it dries me out.) I'd recommend giving it another try but I can totally see why you might not want to. =P

Citrine said... Best Blogger Tips

I think this might just be the condensation of those oil/water (whatever the base is) when the tube is placed upright for too long (since it's heavier than the silicone "cream") , it happened to my tube when I first opened it but after I squeeze the runny part out, the primer works just fine for me.

kellyyes said... Best Blogger Tips

you must have gotten a bad tube! the one i have is the same consistency as the UDPP...both work the same so you arent missing out on anything special :)

stuffedpandapuppet said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh that's too bad, I've always wanted to get TFSI, but after reading this, I may just stick to UDPP.

Any luck finding the "professional size" UDPP where you are? I just got myself one today for $35, it has 25 mL (1.5x the regular one) of product. It's nice because it is the greatness of UDPP, but avoids the whole packaging issue because it comes in a squeeze tube!

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@stuffedpandapuppet - I was eyeing up the professional sized udpp at sephora the other day, I may buy it soon but I still have my udpp in sin left to go and gotta take apart my original tube too.

mint said... Best Blogger Tips

that's awful D=
I've tried this out at the shop counters but it wasn't in that consistency, it was more of a gel... I haven't bought one yet but I do plan to try out since I've seen a lot of girls perfect this primer over UD's.