Monday, December 20, 2010

Review: Lauren Conrad Style

I think Lauren Conrad is totally cute. I was an avid fan of The Hills, The City, even Laguna Beach and I appreciate her simple, laid back, classic style. Despite being younger than me, Lauren is what I would love to be when I grow up, who got famous for being a reality-show star, then went on to "write" very successful books and has a style that gets mentioned in magazines everywhere. I purchased this book for my cousin, and I admit I flipped through it myself too. It's a very light read, basically pictures of Lauren being cute and sharing her fashion and beauty tips. Anyone could write a book like this since the tips in here are pretty common sense, but she does add her own style tidbits in there, the stuff she is known for, her winged eyeliner, goddess sidebraid, light makeup etc. Although this book is aimed at teenagers, Lauren is filthy rich and has expensive taste like Chanel, Balenciaga and Christan Louboutin, stuff that those even in their late 20's cannot afford (ie me).

Lauren starts out her book by thanking her stylists "this book is dedicated to the wonderful team that spends countless hours doing hair, makeup and styling to put me together." She sounds pretty high-maintenance right? In the picture above you can see her in a pointed shoulder blazer, I think those are really cute.

One of Lauren's basic go-to pieces are black heels, especially platform heels, she owns countless pairs of shoes, but always comes back to these. You can tell these are Louboutin here with the red bottoms. Nice shoes.

I was hoping this book would give actual examples of what Lauren like and wears, but it isn't difficult to figure out some of the items in the pictures like the Essie nail polish on this page. Lauren sports what looks like black nails in the entire book, her nails are short and filed. She lists nail polish as her "outfit finisher". I definitely agree with that.

Oh look some NARS products! This book is careful in trying to disguise what brands they use, but we all know this is NARS.  "Apricot or peachy colored is a good basic standby, and if there's a range, go for one that's slightly more orange in shade, otherwise it will turn pink once it's on the face." I usually opt for peach blushes so I found that neat.

The white brushes in this picture definitely look like Sonia Kashuk and that purple sponge is her's too, I have that sponge!

This book wouldn't be complete with instructions of how Lauren's does her side braid, possibly her "trademark". She claims that the first time she did the side braid was to "hide an unfortunate self-bangs-cutting incident." She goes over how to do this, if you want to read about it, just enlarge the image above. The book also goes into embracing what nature gave you and ensuring your hair is healthy before anything else.

This picture is cute, she is surrounded by people making her up. And notice the Sonia Kashuk powder brush? I have that same brush. ;)

I think this book is cute, more for young girls, even though they can't afford most of the stuff. In the back, there is a section for 'fashion credits' and it goes through page by page what clothing she is wearing, and you'll notice some of it is her own fashion line too. Some pieces are listed as unknown because they are vintage. It's a style guide so to speak and makes for a nice Christmas present.

Have you read Lauren's book? or any of her others?


luckiebeauty said... Best Blogger Tips

Didn't read it,but I love books like that.
I love learning new tips and Lauren is gorgeous,I like her natural look.


prettyinthedesert said... Best Blogger Tips

She's so cute! I love the way she dresses, I have a lot of pictures of her saved in my 'look book'. She manages to walk the fine line between looking polished and looking too done. I might put that book on my last-minute Christmas list hehe.


Pamela said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes, i've read this book, and i'm a HUGE fan of The Hills. Also currently reading "Sugar and Spice" as well. Lauren's a very lucky girl and i'm sure millions of girls would love to look/dress like her (e.g like me!!). Her style is very simple, chic and elegant and she doesn't seem to trashy compared to her frienemy(?) Heidi.

Her L.A. Candy books are easy reads so i like that. Borrowed these books from the library b/c i didn't think the $$ value was worth it. Same with her style book. Just finished that one last week. Loved the pics but i don't find the book that great compared to the Nina Garcia books, which i recommend to anyone who loves fashion/beauty :)