Saturday, December 18, 2010

Review: InStyle Ultimate Beauty Secrets Book

I recently won this book, "InStyle Ultimate Beauty Secrets", it was from a Toronto-based television channel points program, you enter your points in hope of winning something and I got this book, which was neat! The program is OMNI VIP for those interested. This book is pretty rad, it has tips and tricks for everything, it has separate sections for skin, foundation/concealer, cheeks, lips, eyes, nails etc. This is very light reading material here, the tips are short and to the point, with pretty pictures throughout. You can go through the entire thing in a few hours. I am going to go through some of the tips here.

I found this one interesting, "if you have dry skin that is flaky, consider changing up your routine and washing your face with dandruff shampoo instead of your regular cleanser once a month". Head and Shoulders on your face? really? has anyone tried this? seems kinda of weird to me.

"Use separate towels to dry your face and face. This prevents the oils from your scalp from rubbing off on your face and causing breakouts." That is something that I definitely do, I have small towel for my face and is just for my face, and a separate one just for my hair.

"To rid makeup brushes of products that can clog pores, aim to wash them with a clarifying shampoo once a week." I actually wash all my brushes with face wash and baby shampoo, no fancy brush cleansers for me, I find this works just fine. Think about it, the brushes touch your face, so anything on them does too.

"Drink a glass of ice water if your face tends to get splotchy, especially when you're nervous. Doing so will town down the redness. The cold causes blood vessels to constrict and cool you from the inside." This is a good tip, never thought of doing this.

Here is one that I do everyday "For extra-thick eyelashes, dust lashes first with translucent powder, then apply mascara".

"Elongate your eyes by using dark brown mascara on the inner half of the eye and black mascara on the outer lashes". This is a new one, I've heard people use a different mascara on their top and bottom lashes, but using two together is a neat tip.

The book also has lots of celebrity pictures, there is a tip from Beyonce about moisturizing your face "A women is most beautiful when she smiles, other than that, the most valuable tip I've learned is always to use a skin moisturizer". I definitely agree with this and I think my face would flake off and die if I didn't use a moisturizer.

Most of the tips in this book are common sense I think, and most you would of probably watched youtube gurus mention before, but there are a few here and there that are neat. I like flipping through this when I am bored, it's a cute little book.

Do you have any beauty books that you like reading?


Barttart said... Best Blogger Tips

Ive been looking for a good makeup tip book, gonna check this out! Next, need a good hair tip book! hehe

peskypixies said... Best Blogger Tips

I have tried the head and shoulders on the face and it did not work so well. I just use a home made toner ever am and pm that seems to have solved the problem:

- 20 Parts Water
- 1-2 Parts Apple Cider Vinegar
- A few drops of Tea Tree Oil
- A few drops of Lavender Essential Oil (mine came as a mix with the tea tree)

Feel free to adjust as needed! If it burns you have way too much vinegar. You might want to start our very dilute initially and then make the next batch stronger.

I just put a bit on a cotton pad and put all over my face, neck and behind my ears. On occasion I do rinse my scalp with this as well. With a clean scalp and good exfoliation this seems to keep the problem well in check for me.

luckiebeauty said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm going to check this out! Love books like this! Thanks.


Junerose said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree with the washing of the brushes with a clarifying shampoo. I used to use J&J shampoo also, and it worked fine for most of my brushes, but not so well with the ones that I use for MMU and foundation. The clarifying shampoo gets all the greasy/non water soluble gunk out and makes my brushes feel like they did when they were new.
I didn't know about the translucent powder trick to get your lashes thicker. How do you apply the powder without it getting into your eyes? I wear contacts, so I am always worried about irritants.
Do post more tips when you get the chance. They were very useful.

Val said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the review! I can never really tell if a makeup book is worth reading, but this one sounds good :)


Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@Junerose - I do a light dusting of setting powder on top of everything and leave my eye makeup to the end normally and some of it gets on my eyelashes. That's enough that when I coat them with mascara I notice a difference. I use that same J&J shampoo too! :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I love beauty books, even if what I'm reading is common sense I still enjoy it.

Where are you looking for a job in TO? I found not having a job one of the most stressful times. Not because of money but just because I felt like I should know what I'm doing instead I was just floundering around. lol. I'm sure something perfect will come along for you in the New Year!

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@emily - I have a uni degree, but it doesn't even have to be anything in that area. I would love something in promotions and advertising, this blog and my other deals blog has shown me how much I like writing reviews and telling people about deals, searching for the latest thing etc.

It's stressful not having a job on the finances side obviously, but sitting at home and sleeping in, doing nothing all day and blogging is kinda nice. LOL but I feel guilty you know.

Thanks for the comment! I have to get my butt in gear and find something.

Hershley's Sweet Kiss said... Best Blogger Tips

The only beauty book i have "dont go to the make up counter without" which reviewed every brand out there and compared them to other brands. I love it!!

I have to try the power thing for my lashes! great posting!