Friday, March 18, 2011

Review: Sigma Makeup Naughty in Black Travel Kit

Today's review is the Sigma Makeup "Naughty in Black" Travel Kit. This one comes with 7 travel sized brushes with short handles, plus you get one free brush, if you buy the black kit you get the F50 (pictured above) and if you buy the pink "Nice in Pink" set you get a free foundation brush, so you get 8 brushes altogether. This brush set retails for $49 on Sigma's website. Currently you ca get it for 10% off with the code "STYLE2011" (this code works on any item). Also with purchases over $30, you'll also get the free E25 travel sized brush. So it works out to about $5-6 a brush here, plus shipping.

The kit comes in a black clutch that holds all your brushes, it has a hidden magnetic piece on the top that keeps it closed. There is also a small zippered compartment on the inside where you can place extra brushes. I wish the pouch was a bit roomier, as I don't keep my brushes in here anymore since I find the hairs get squished, but it's nice for travel.

Here are the brushes that you get, 4 face brushes: F30 (SS150), F40 (SS168), F60 (SS190),  F70 (SS194) and then 3 eye brushes: E55 (SS239), E40 (SS224), E30 (SS219). Together with the F50 (SS187) it's pretty much all the brushes that you need for a complete everyday look. I think this set is quite well organized. I have included the old numbering here because I thought it would be easier, I still have a hard time remembering the F and E numbers. Often times I wonder if the travel sized versions are as good as the full size, so I will compare that here.

The F30 powder brush in this set is much smaller than the original F30. I would say it's more comparable to their blush/powder brush the F10 (in middle of top picture), but a bit fuller and fluffier. This one has the most shedding and bleeding issues when washed, since it is so large and black.

The F40 contour brush is pretty comparable to the original, a bit thinner and less fluffy. This works well for contouring or blush application.

The foundation brush, F60 is pretty much identical as well. I prefer to use this short handled one for my liquid foundation (if I use this, prefer my flat top brush however). I hope in the future Sigma makes a flat-top F80 short handled version, that would be awesome since so many people love that brush.

The E40 is nicer than the full size one, it's more tapered and less fluffed out, but that could just be because it's new and hasn't enlarged yet. I use these brushes for under-eye concealer.

E70 concealer brush is slightly longer here too (bottom brush), which is better in my opinion.

E55, eyeshadow brush is basically the same too. I like that the handle on this one is fatter than the original, it's easier to grip.

E30, concealer brush is better in this set too, it's longer, more tapered and thinner.

F50, duo fibre brush in this set is much different too, as you can tell compared to the full size F50 and the F55, it's basically in between in terms of size. I find it a lot floppier than the F50 too. I wouldn't suggest the one in this kit for foundation application, but it could work for blush.

I like this and prefer it to the Premium Travel Kit because I find the brushes more basic, ones that I would reach for more. All in all, the brushes are definitely different then the original full sized ones, some for the better. If you can't afford the full sized ones, or prefer the ease of the short handles, I would definitely check this kit out.

Disclaimer: This set was provided by Sigma for review consideration.

Do you have this set from Sigma?


Mary Elizabeth said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the Review!
I am really thinking about getting this kit even though I have a lot of the brushes in MAC form. I am finding that I like to have at least two of the same brush in case I haven't had time to properly clean my brushes... but maybe I need to step back and stop buying makeup for a little bit!!

ElanorTiwele said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this item
how can you persuade sigma worker to send you this gift?

Justine (Productrater) said... Best Blogger Tips

@ElanorTiwele - If you're a member of their affiliate program, they offer to send free products for review.
you can read more about it here

Ella Pretty Blog said... Best Blogger Tips

I placed my first Sigma order last night - I'm getting the f80 and the brush roll kit.

I'm always on the lookout for good brushes - since they make such a difference...anytime I hear people raving about a brush, I'm so tempted to try it!

Jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

I love these brushes!

Val said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the review and helpful comparisons! I'm looking into investing for a full set of Sigma brushes, still deciding though!


Tracy D said... Best Blogger Tips

I do have this set and I took it with me this weekend for a trip. I only added a kabuki brush & finishing powder brush & I was set. Worked great!

Marilou said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my god! I NEED this kit in my life.