Wednesday, March 9, 2011

China Glaze: Anchors Away Collection Review and Swatches Pt1

China Glaze recently came out with their 'Anchors Away' collection, nautical-inspired with some pastels and rainbow brights. This collection can easily be split into two categories, as in the picture above, the first half sort of light and dreary polishes and the other half more bright and fun. I was instantly attracted to the light and dreary at first, but upon getting the polishes in the mail, I noticed they are very dreary! But there is something chic and sophisticated about these I think. I am calling this Part 1 because I am planning on ordering some more colours from this collection, I think it's a really nice one.

The colours I chose were Sunset Sail, Pelican Gray and Sea Spray. The one that I would definitely recommend getting is Sea Spray if you like muted blues, this one is really unique and pretty. I order most of my polishes off NailEtc on their shipping is reasonable to Canada and I use my Swagbucks gift cards to get these for free.

Sunset Sail is a light peach with tiny white shimmers, actually all three has these tiny shimmers, but you won't notice it unless you are staring at your nails. These are all very glossy (no topcoat used in any images) and spread and apply nicely, two coats on all. I like this colour, but I think it would look much better if you have a tan, the colour is close to my skin colour here with my terrible lighting.

Pelican Gray is a very cool toned gray with silver shimmers, again shimmers are very, very minor. I like this colour a lot, if you like greys you will love this.

Sea Spray is the standout in this collection in my opinion, and the only one that I would really suggest getting from these three. It's a pale light blue, almost grey with tiny silver shimmers.

China Glaze nail polishes provide very opaque nails in just two coats with the majority of their collections, which I appreciate, their consistency is quite thick. I believe these are available at Sally's right now, I haven't been in a Sally's in months though so I can't say for sure. There is also a colour in this collection called Below Deck, which is a dupe for Channelesque by China Glaze, a highly coveted discontinued colour, akin to Metro Chic, I would suggest getting that one too, I may pick it up, I have enough taupey shades though so I am not sure. The red, Hey Sailor is supposed to be amazing too. Stay tuned in a few weeks, I will pick up some more of these to review.

Have you picked up any colours from Anchors Away?


MEOW said... Best Blogger Tips

i really like the grey one!! its too pretty

Kim Neill said... Best Blogger Tips

Oooh I love these coolours. I just got acrylics put on about 2 weeks ago, they are driving me crazy any tips toremoving them without killing my nails :( xxxxxx

Ella Pretty Blog said... Best Blogger Tips

I love China Glaze creme polishes - and the ones you bought ALL look so great! I'm especially drawn to the Pelican grey - but I think it may look dull against my skin tone.

tiffyama said... Best Blogger Tips

Ooh~ I'm like Sea Spray a lot!! Such a pretty grayish blue. Need to try the collection out for myself some day~

Behind the Lashes said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks perfect for spring!