Monday, April 26, 2010

Revlon "Scents of Summer" Summer 2010, Scented Nail Polishes

As we all know, Revlon makes nail polishes, but they also have scented nail polishes. I was intrigued by this when they first came out last year in the "Fruitful Temptations" collection and bought a few. Since then Revlon has come out with new colours in the scented line, with the recent "Scents of Summer" collection. Frankly, I find the smell totally unnecessary and a bit nauseating. I have a fair amount of Revlon polishes and their main problem is they are too watery/runny, requiring too many coats to get the colour opaque. There are a few that apply beautifully, but for the majority they do not. Revlon polishes can be found readily in drugstores and are reasonably priced, I recently picked up Peach Smoothie and Gumdrop (both scented) and they were $5.49 CAD at Pharma Plus.

Here are all my scented Revlon polishes, the first collection was "Fruitful Temptations", it was a collection of limited edition colours, inspired by exotic summer fruits, each polish had a corresponding unique fruit smell. The colours that I got from that collection were Sublime Strawberry, Passionate Fruit and Not-so-blue berry. The entire collection included: Not So Blue-berry, Passionate Fruit, Mad about Mango, Mon Cherry, Raspberry Rapture, Sublime Strawberry, Pretty in Papaya and Coconut Crush. And the new collection is "Scents of Summer" which includes another 8 colours: Beach, Ocean Breeze, Peach Smoothie, Orange Pop, Grape Icy, Cotton Candy, Gum Drop and Bubbble Gum.

revlon scented nail polish
From Left to Right: Revlon Gum Drop, Peach Smoothie, Passionate Fruit, Not So Blue-berry, Sublime Strawberry

revlon peach smoothie
 Revlon Peach Smoothie
I love peach nail polishes, so this one stood out to be right away. It is a pale peach with gold shimmer. This is really runny, and took 4 coats! You can tell how runny it's going to be just by looking at the polish in the bottle. I don't think any polish should take more than 3 coats in my opinion. And the smell, I guess it's supposed to smell like peaches, doesn't really.

revlon gum drop
Revlon Gum Drop
Gum Drop is really a neat, unique colour. It's a pale blue with purple creme. This was 3 coats, same formulation as Peach Smoothie above, a pain to apply. The smell was more tolerable on this one, reminds me of bubblegum.

And some swatches from last year's "Fruitful Temptations" collection. I found these to be a lot easier to apply, perhaps just because of the colours that I chose.

revlon not so blue-berry
Revlon Not So Blue-berry
This is a gorgeous, frosty blue loaded with teal shimmers. The application was good on this, about 2-3 coats. The scent was okay.

revlon sublime strawberry
Revlon Sublime Strawberry
This one is my favourite of that collection, it's a mid-tone pink with silver shimmers. The application was good, 2-3 coats needed. It's like a creme with shimmers.

revlon passionate fruit
Revlon Passionate Fruit
This one is a lovely, vibrant and glossy magenta, purple creme, 2-3 coats needed.

I think Revlon makes nice colours, but the scented when dry idea does not really interest me. When you add topcoat over these, the smell dies down a bit, but it is definitely noticeable and gives me a headache.  I am sure scented polishes intrigues many people, but once you get it it's kinda ugh. It's like scented markers, the novelty is cute, but it serves no purpose. The idea is cute for kids, but what adult woman will be sniffing their polishes?

What do you think of scented polishes?


AMY;BABY said... Best Blogger Tips

scented polishes are such a nice idea! I'm all for scented nail polishes myself :D
I love revlon polishes, I use them all the time during my volunteer.. I might want to try one of these..

eleventhOfapril said... Best Blogger Tips

oh Justine I am loving your Nail Polishes "swatches"/"nail beds". They are so useful ! Can I request a nail polish collection post ? :)

Justine said... Best Blogger Tips

@AMY Baby - They are a cute idea, but pretty stinky. :)

@eleventhofapril - Sure, I can do one, I gotta install gimp soon so that I can start labeling my pictures with titles.

kali said... Best Blogger Tips

Saw these in the store today! The colors looked lovely but I skipped them and bought some Revlon glosses. Thinking about getting Peach Smoothie now because of your swatches! =P

Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@Kali - which glosses did you get? the daydream collection ones are so nice, I am still trying to get the purple one, it's always sold out around here.