Thursday, April 15, 2010

Revlon: Day Dreamer Spring 2010 Minted, Peach Petal, Lilac Pastelle

So I noticed that I am getting a lot of hits to my blog from the Revlon Spring nail polishes that I posted. So I decided to post some better quality swatches of the three shades. Ask and you will receive! Onto the swatches, these are all 3 coats, these polishes are quite watery/milkey..

 Revlon - Minted
Who doesn't need ANOTHER mint green nail polish? I know I have like 4-5 that look just like this one and I love them.

Revlon - Peach Petal
This one was my favourite out of the three, I think it warms up my skin. The application was good on this one, although you can tell I nicked it on my pinky when taking the picture, they weren't totally dry.

Revlon - Lilac Pastelle
This one was the hardest to apply for me, it was really watery. And the hardest to photograph. It's pretty though, looks more purpley-pink in person. Excuse the dryness of my nails.

(left to right) Lilac Pastelle, Peach Petal and Minted


susies1955 said... Best Blogger Tips

Just found your blog. I am SO loving these polishes but can't find them anywhere. We have Revlon in a few of our stores here in northern NY but there are only very dark colors.
Thanks for making me want them even more. :)
I'm following,

Justine said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey susies, I think Canada got them first, from what I have been reading online. They are nice though, the collection had a tan one too, but I didn't get it. Thanks for your comment!

susies1955 said... Best Blogger Tips

Canada got them first? I may have to drive over. I'm only a half hour from the border. :)
They are so durn pretty.