Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bath and Body Works: C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve and Lip Balms Review

I went to Bath and Body Works today to get some things and my free reusable tote with purchase to celebrate Earth Day, which I got in an email. I ended up picking up the 3/$15 lip products, all from C.O. Bigelow. I got the Rose Salve, Cinnament Lip Balm, Poppy Pink Mint Lip Balm and Sweet Pea Antibacterial Hand Gel. In the background is the tote that I got, it's pretty cute. Also those are cheetah print flats that I got at H&M, they were the last ones there, I just had to get them.

Just a short intial review on these BBW products:
Rose Salve - This is basically just vaseline with red colouring and rose scent in a tin container. The tin does not really close, it just keeps turning and turning, so I would recommend putting a rubberband around it cause it would get really messy if you kept it in your purse.

Cinnament Lip Balm - I love lip stuff that is mint flavoured, it's so tastey and makes me go through it pretty fast, it's like addicting. This is in a squeezy tube, it doesn't really have any colour, just sheer.

Poppy Pink Mint Lip Balm - This is like a tinted lip balm. They sell these in a variety of colours, I chose the pink one. I like this a lot, it's hydrating and tastey.

Snow Pea Santizer - This was just $2. It's good for  your purse. I like the snow pea scent too. It has little blue beads in it. It does smell a bit like alcohol when you first apply it, but it does subside and the lingering scent is really nice.


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