Saturday, April 24, 2010

Essie: The Resort Collection Summer 2010 Promo Pictures

Essie just came out with a new Spring Collection called "Resort". It has beautiful, vibrant summery colours. I am a bit peeved because my favourite nail e-tailer, Transdesign, recently raised their Essie prices from $4 to $8, and so I won't be ordering from them anymore, since with shipping charges to Canada, it's like paying the $10 a polish that I can get in stores here. Other e-tailers have taken suit to this too and raised their prices as well, not cool. Anyway, it doesn't stop me from talking about how beautiful these nail polishes are. This collection officially launches in May 2010.

This collection is small and comes with 4 colours, they make me dream of a tropical vacation, the Lapis of Luxury being the clear, blue sky, Splash of Grenadine being the colourful mix drinks, Playa Del Platinum being the soft, sandy beaches and Turquoise & Caicos being the ocean water, or the palm trees. Onto the promotional pics....

 * Lapis of Luxury (a dreamy ocean blue) From reviews I've read, this one is a cornflower blue and similiar to Maybelline's Pie in the Sky (which is much cheaper if you can get your hands on it), and ligher and more blue than China Glaze Secret Peri-winkle. This colour may be similar also to Essie Shelter Island from the North Fork collection, or Misa's Right Here Now, No More Later.

 * Splash of Grenadine (a playful magenta pink) This one is a vivid, fuchsia purple. I am really liking colours like this at the moment.

Playa Del Platinum (an elegant and sheer sandy grey) I would probably pass on this one if I were deciding which ones to get. It's boring compared to the other vivid colourful three.

* Turquoise & Caicos (a flirty and pretty tropical aqua) T&C is the winner of this collection. If you had to get one, get this one! It is similar to last year's North Fork collection's Greenport, except more green.

Now I gotta say this much, Essie polishes and I do not get along very well. The Essie polishes that I have are beautiful, but apply streaky, thin, runny and a disaster for the most part. The last collection that I bought, off Transdesign when they were $4, was Art of Spring and those were average on application, Tart Deco was a huge disappointment. I would love to get colours like these Resort ones in another brand, perhaps OPI, then I know that I am purchasing something that I will actually wear, so I am always looking for dupes from other bloggers. I have read that these are tricky to apply, so already I am expecting them to suck. Having said that, if I happen to see these in salons in Canada, I will probably cave and get the three regardless.


Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said... Best Blogger Tips

I know what you mean about the price increase. I'm pretty sure its effective all through the States.

f said... Best Blogger Tips

I love these essie and I cant wait for these colors. The price sucks but I plan on buying the mini set, so i wont feel as guilty

Justine said... Best Blogger Tips

The mini set is what, $17? It's nice that this collection is small though, so you get the entire thing in the mini set. I never go through an entire bottle of polish anyway, and the essie mini's are so cute and reasonable too. I don't really favour the OPI minis, you don't get much applications with them. I might just get T&C alone and be done with it. Do you girls know any dupes for the purple one?