Monday, April 19, 2010

ORLY: Spring Sweet Collection Pictures and Review

 Orly Sweet

Orly's Spring collection is called "Sweet", it's a collection of vibrant pastels. It came with 6 colours. I have 5 of them here to show you. As you can probably tell, Gumdrop (the aqua colour) is missing. I liked that one the best from all of these colours, but the retailer that I bought from did not have that colour for some reason. 

Every nail polish in this collection comes with a co-ordinating lipgloss attached to it, which is cute. These colours remind me of candy. They are all cremes, which I love. Orly polishes always have the rubberized tops, which makes it easier to open the polishes if they get stuck or something. This collection is great for those that like pastels, but want them to have more life, these are more on the vibrant side. The application on these was better than the China Glaze's Up and Aways in my opinion, the formulation was thicker and less runny. The majority of these swatches took 2 coats only. There is no topcoat on any of these.

Orly Sweet all bottles
(Light to Right) Cotton Candy, Pixty Stix, Lollipop, Lemonade and Snowcone

orly cotton candy
Orly - Cotton Candy
This is a pink, with peach undertones in it. I really like colours like this. Unfortunately, the brush on this one was quite frayed when I received it. I had to trim the bristles to get it to work right. I had to take this picture in darker light to really capture the colour correctly. It is a great summer colour, I can see myself wearing this one a lot.

Orly Pixy Stix
Orly - Pixy Stix
I love the name of this one. Pixty Stix is a feminine, very glossy pinky-red.  This one is a lot darker than the previous colour, Cotton Candy. I think this colour would flatter a variety of skintones. 

orly lollipop
Orly - Lollipop
Lilac purple, very light. I love purples, but this one didn't really move me. 

Orly lemonade
Orly - Lemonade
Soft yellow. As any yellow pastel nail polish, they are streaky and hard to apply. This was alright after 3 coats, almost opaque in 2. This one is very similar to China Glaze Lemon Fizz, too similar to have both (I do).

Orly snowcone
Orly - Snowcone
Cornflower, pastel blue. This one applied really well, 1-2 coats needed only. Beautiful colour, like nothing else in my collection. Next to Gumdrop, I think this one is a must-have.

orly sweet hand
Here are all the colours together, (thumbs to pinky) Lollipop, Snowcone, Pixy Stix, Cotton Candy and Lemonade.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

These are really cute, fun colors ! Where did you buy these ? I have never heard of them. I would love to get some !

Justine said... Best Blogger Tips

@eleventhofapril - I bought them from nailsetc on, they ship for about $1.xx a polish to Canada. They have great selection. It's really hit or miss trying to find sellers on that will ship to Canada (and not for outrageous prices) so I am happy I found this one.

You can also get orly polishes, even this collection at sally's beauty supply in Canada, but they are a lot more expensive than online.