Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ELF Cosmetics: Mineral Eyeshadow Primer, Blending Eye Brushes, Studio Eye Brushes, Minty Lip Gloss, Studio Concealer

 (L to R): ELF Blending eye brushes x3, ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer x2, ELF Studio Concealer and Brush (in Fair), ELF Studio minty lip gloss in Miami, ELF Studio Eyeshadow C brush x2.

I received another ELF order today. I feel like a spokesperson with all the products that I have from them! I will do a major review once I use these products enough. From this order, I've previously bought each of the brushes, I just like them so much so I got more. And I have the minty lip gloss in other shades and it's great. I will do a comparison review of the eyelid primer ($1) versus the mineral eyeshadow primer ($3) soon, I am curious if this one is better. The concealer pencil and brush (which is on the other end) is in the colour "Fair", the lightest colour, swatching it on my hand it is a bit yellow.  The background in the picture is the new packaging that ELF has, they mail orders (if they are small) in a paper envelope which was always just white, now it has this red monogram design, which is a nice touch.