Monday, June 28, 2010

Review: NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils Swatches

nyx jumbo eyeshadow pencils
You guys probably know by now but, Cherry Culture has a 20% off storewide sale on now until June 30. It's a good opportunity to pick up some NYX stuff. I ordered last time they had this sale. I know the NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencils are a big hit and I thought I would help you guys out by providing some swatches and a review of these. These retails for $3.25 (on sale) on the Cherry Culture website, they come in a variety of colours, I have 7 here to show you. These pencils are a pretty cool product, many people them as eyeshadow bases, however I would recommend using a eyeshadow primer underneath them to keep them from creasing throughout the day (as they do crease on me). These can also be used as your eyeshadow alone on your lids.

nyx jumbo eyeshadow pencils

nyx jumbo eyeshadow pencils swatches
Now I am going to go over the individual colours that are posted in the swatches above.

Milk - is a pure matte white colour. This is a must-have from the jumbo eyshadow pencils in my opinion as you can put any colour over this.

Cottage Cheese - is the shimmery version of milk, really pretty and perhaps more wearable if you don't like the stark white look.

Yogurt - shimmery peachy colour, really pretty and one of my favourites, goes with a lot of the eyeshadow colours that I like to wear.

Black Bean - matte black. If you going for smokey looks, this would make for a good base. Sorry about the swatch, it is more pigmented than that, there was some moisture in mine and it didn't apply the best.

Horse Radish - Shimmery light green, not very versatile, but still a cool colour.

Dark Brown - matte dark brown colour. I found this one to be more pigmented and smoother than black bean. I really like this one.

Pots and Pans - shimmery silver, this one almost has a duo colour in it, looks blue in some lights. Really pretty and I use this one a lot.

* A pencil that I would recommend that I do not have myself is French Fries, it's a shimmery brown, would really work well with neutral, everyday looks. 

These are really a good buy for the price. They are very smooth and very pigmented. They also blend very nicely on your lids. I know some people have compared these to the MAC shadesticks, I do not own any of those myself. If you have oily lids, I probably wouldn't recommend these are they are very smooth and would probably smudge and move around a lot.

I haven't got to the point where I need to sharpen mine but I am wondering how you guys sharpen these? I know NYX sells a sharpener and I have also seen youtube videos of girls who have depotted their pencils, which looks like a good opinion as well. For my Canadian readers, I know some Rexall Pharma Plus stores sell NYX, but the stock is pretty limited, Cherry Culture does offer free shipping for orders of $40 or more, but that is US only, shipping to Canada is unfortunately by weight and last time I ordered I think I paid like $10 or so in shipping. The only downside that I have about this product is the packaging, I keep these in my bathroom and I feel like I get a lot of moisture that builds up in the cap and when I open them up, it's just wet inside, this could be ruining the product and is just icky to touch. So I guess you have to keep these in a cool place, I haven't experienced this with any other product before.

I hope this was helpful, if you like this product, or have any questions, please comment below! :)


❤ilvoeshopping❤ said... Best Blogger Tips

I also have Milk and Yogurt. But im really loving milk. I cannot wait for my other nyx jumbo pencils to arrive...

I have always wondered if horse radish is a good color.. thanks for providing swatches!


Stavroula said... Best Blogger Tips

Awwww pretty!!! I'm lemming Yogurt, Black Bean and Dark Brown!! I'm afraid these will crease on me though :( I always use an eyeshadow primer, but I have very oily lids :( anybody with very oily lids who has tried these jumbo pencils?

Rei T said... Best Blogger Tips

I love NYX Jumbo eyeshadow pencils!!!! I have milk and black bean, and just got iced mocha, but after seeing your swatch i want to get cottage cheese!!

Milk & black bean are definitely a must have if you're starting out with nyx jumbo eye pencils <3 thanks for the swatches!

Jonna said... Best Blogger Tips

Amazing. Love the silver one! x

kali said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey! Thanks for the swatches and product descriptions dear. I actually use the NYX sharpener -it's black with a clear cap and has 2 holes (for a smaller pencil and 1 for a bigger pencil.) I actually really like the sharpener since it sharpens my smaller pencils really well. You can get it off cherryculture, Ebay, etc.

Hope that helps! =)

Marj said... Best Blogger Tips

hi! i like using those pencils! i have oily lids and i live in freakin hot florida so using them as a base works for me.

black bean and milk were so hard to find at my ulta since they were always sold out ... i happened to get mine during a buy one get one free nyx event but at regular price, theyre still very affordable!

strawberry milk is nice too if youre looking for a pinkier version of yogurt! =)

Andi said... Best Blogger Tips

Wait you can depot the pencils? Excuse me, I need to see this for myself.

In other news, I am so glad you posted these. I've been looking at Milk for some time but I was always unsure because I wanted to make sure it was a matte one and not shimmer (I already have a shimmery whiteish one. The old WNW IdolEyes pencils were great for this very purpose!)