Saturday, May 8, 2010

Taupe Nail Polish Comparisons: Bottle Pictures and Swatches

Taupe nail polish is more "in" for the fall and winter, but I love this colour either way. I have 8 here that are quite similar, all in the taupe family. Let's see how different they really are, and if they are dupes.
My Little/or Big, Depending on how you Look at it, Taupe Army:
Left to Right: China Glaze Channelesque, Sephora by OPI Metro Chic, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Commander in Chic, Essie Mink Muffs, OPI Over The Taupe, OPI You Don't Know Jacques!, Orly Prince Charming, Orly Country Club Khaki.

For the purpose of this comparison, I am going to look specifically only at ...Left to Right: Sephora by OPI Metro Chic, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Commander in Chic, OPI Over the Taupe, Essie Mink Muffs and OPI You Don't Know Jacques.

Judging by that picture, you can tell that Metro Chic and CIC are in the same family tone family, purple taupe, and also have very similar names, clearly Sally was trying to copy this popular Sephora shade. And OTT and Mink Muffs are a more brown/red taupe and YDKJ is a much darker, mushroom brown taupe, I just put that in for comparison purposes.

Pointer to Pinky: Metro Chic, CIC, Over The Taupe and Mink Muffs

Metro Chic is just a touch darker than CIC, but if you really can't tell them apart. So these are dupes of each other. The Sephora by OPI will run you $10 CAD, and the CIC is a drugstore brand I think I paid $8 CAD, so basically the same. Metro Chic is a classic colour, everyone has it and it a little bit prettier than CIC.

Over The Taupe and Mink Muffs are almost identical, I would say Mink Muffs is a little wee darker, OTT is a bit warmer. And the Essie brush is a PITA to apply so I would lean towards getting the OPI.

Thumb to Pinky: OPI YDKJ, Metro Chic, Commander in Chic, Over the Taupe and Mink Muffs.

 China Glaze Channelesque on Left, Sephora by OPI Metro Chic on Right

Pointer finger is CG Channelesque and Middle Finger is Metro Chic. 

Channelesque and Metro Chic are VERY similar, I couldn't capture it very well in photographs but, Channelesque is a bit more purple, whereas Metro Chic is a darker dirtier taupe. Channelesque is an old colour, I bought it from Transdesign ages ago, it is really lovely, you should definitely get it if you like taupes, the application on it is really good.

I love having them all! I love these kinds of colours, they look purple in some light, brown in others, really chic and cool. I know Rimmel Steel Grey is another very similar one, I don't own that one. Also, Chanel’s Particulière is very close to OPI JDKJ. It's funny cause when I was writing up this entry, I kept having to change the photos because I kept remembering other taupes I had! I could of included Misa Fashionista as well, but decided to just quit now... too many taupes :D

What your favourite taupe nail polish? Stay tuned tomorrow for mint comparisons! :D


Tracy said... Best Blogger Tips

What pretty shades! I am in the market for some polish. It's been years and I want to start wearing it again :O)
Take care,

marti said... Best Blogger Tips

Great comparison! Metro chic is one of my favorites but I have been trying to get my hands on a bottle of Channelesque for forever.. time to ebay it up i guess.

Jane said... Best Blogger Tips

I love taupe polish, Rimmel Steel Grey is another Metro Chic dupe which I love. You don't know Jacques is great as well. Great post!

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@marti - channelesque is really beautiful, I got it off trandesign, I don't know if they still have it, that was a while ago.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

wow, they all look so so similar ! but pretty different and pretty at the same time :) i am so curious about your nail polish collection. it sounds massive ! haha. and it seems like ur gonna need a lot of nail remover to do all these nail beds/swatches !

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@eleventhofapril - on the nail they look different, except for a couple, but the application is different, some are smoother than others, so I wouldn't say any are the exact same.
I just finished my first bottle of nail polish remover ever last week actually, I never finish anything so it was a nice feeling. As for a collection video, I am still planning on doing one but, not sure how to capture all the colours.

Lauren said... Best Blogger Tips

You don't know jaques is my absolute favourite nail polish ever :) haha