Friday, June 25, 2010

American Apparel Nail Polishes: Mouse, Factory Grey and California Trooper Swatches and Review

American Apparel nail polishes are awesome in my opinion. The bottles are rectangular and flat so they fit together nicely for storage, they have a variety of colours and they apply very nicely, great pigmentation. Their polishes are all cremes, which is my favourite finish. My only complaint about them is the brush stem design, their brushes are really tall, and the entire thing gets dipped into the polish bottle, so it picks up lots of product and you have to be careful not to spill it all over the place. I have dropped blobs of it on my coffee table, sink, and other areas where I do my nails, but if you are careful (I am clumsy at times) this shouldn't be a problem at all. Onto the swatches of a few new ones that I got recently, these are all 2 coats.

american apparel mouse
Mouse is a taupe, brown colour. This is a great everyday classic colour, you can never have enough shades like this one. Regardless of what nail colour is trendy, you can always pull off a colour like this, it's office appropriate and goes with everything. In person, it actually looks more grey.

Factory Grey is a nice grey with almost blue undertones. I wanted to try this one since I first heard that AA made nail polishes, so I am really happy to finally own it. I read on another blog that this is the actual colour used to paint all the floors of the company’s manufacturing operations, so that is kind of cool, you can have that colour on your nails!

California Trooper is one of the expanded newer summer colours from American Apparel. CT is like a light khaki colour, apparently inspired by the California Trooper uniform. I am unfamiliar with the trooper uniform as I am on the east coat, but it looks something like this...

These colours are kinda drab for summer, but they are strange and wonderful for fall, and I can totally see myself wearing these then. Below is a pic of all three bottles.

 Disclaimer: These were provided to me by the lovely people at American Apparel for review.


e.motion in motion said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey girl! Thanks for your comment : ) Sorry to hear the concealer didn't work for you :( I actually liked it a lot but I notice as I get to the bottom of the jar, it doesn't look as good when applied and the texture is becoming kind of thick and cakey and not light and "whipped" anymore... I think it might be the humidity here, maybe? :(

Anywho, following you back! Loving these polish shades... wish we could get them here :( I've been really into neutral, taupe/brown shades lately so Mouse & Factory Gray look fab!

Charlotte said... Best Blogger Tips

LOL @ the trooper picture! :-)

PoorCollegeStudent said... Best Blogger Tips

I love these types of colors! I've been trying not to buy AA polishes for a while!

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@PoorCollegeStudent - trying not to buy them? how come?

Gìa said... Best Blogger Tips

These colours are so cool for fall!