Sunday, June 13, 2010

Review: Benefit Lemon Aid

benefit lemonaid
Another Benefit review coming up. Benefit's Lemon aid is a colour correcting eyelid primer and retails for about $23 CAD. This is a lemon yellow cream that you apply on your eyelids to conceal any redness or veins, making your eyes look young and refreshed. I wouldn't have normally bought this since it is quite expensive, but I had some amazon gift cards that I redeemed for through swagbucks (if you have any questions about swagbucks please ask below) and I order makeup off there for time to time, cause the prices are good, I paid $13 for this plus shipping.  The packaging is really cute, very sturdy and I like the mirror inside. You get 2.70g Net wt. 0.09 in the product. You only a small amount and even if you did use this everyday, it would last you a long time.

benefit lemonaid
benefit lemonaid on eye
If you have discolouration or noticeable veins that you want to cover up, this product is good for that. It looks scary at first, being yellow, but it neutralizes well and gives you a nice flat base to work with. You can wear this with or without shadows. I was hoping to wear this w/o eyeshadow however, it disappointed with that. It creased as you can tell in the image above! I find that if I wear eyeshadow you normally can't notice any veins or whatever on my lids so there is no point for this.

In terms of acting as an eyelid primer, I wouldn't suggest getting this as a eyelid primer, there are better products out there. But, I haven't really tired out that feature to be honest, it would be a great product if it would double up as a primer and corrector though. I was more interested in the colour correcting feature, as I have primers already. I like applying this under the eyebrow, that's where my veining is, so I like it for there. And it did a good job, as you can tell in the picture, less brown-ness around the eyebrow. I like applying it on the lids, where the brown-ness can be. However, you could probably use ANY yellow based concealer and get the same effect that this lemonade does. I like the thin texture of this, but I would not repurchase it because other products could do the exact same job.


kali said... Best Blogger Tips

I really want to try this for covery up redness but is it drying? I have so many issues with bases and concealers being too drying for my skin.

I wonder what other options there are. I'm sure I've seen a few at the drugstore but I haven't given them a try yet.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

soo pleease explain swagbucks!
i've been hearing about them but have no clue what they are.

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@kali - redness where? on the eyes? I think it may be too yellow to use for undereye. Did you try the erase paste? I have a review of that one too.

@andrikai - swagbucks is a search and win site. I've been on it for almost a year now and have redeemed for over $500 worth of amazon gift cards, they have other prizes too, but the amazon's are easy to get cause they aren't worth too much points. If you'd like to sign up with me that would be awesome, click the link below. I can help you out more too... I don't want to pollute this blog too much with it. But if you are interested let me know! :)

naturalnchicmakeup said... Best Blogger Tips

It's too bad that it creases. The color yellow really does help cover redness. Thanks for the review!