Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Joe Fresh Nail Polish Review and Swatches

Joe Fresh is a Canadian brand that is sold in Real Canadian Superstore, Loblaws and Zehrs. Joe Fresh started as a clothing line, and recently they came out with a makeup line, including fabulous nail polish. The man behind the brand is Joseph Mimran, who is also the designer for Club Monaco. Their clothes are actually really nice, and reasonably priced, I have some of their pieces.

The polishes come in cute small round bottles with white tops. The brush is reminiscent of OPI but shorter. You get 6ml in a bottle, so it's about half the size of an OPI. They sell for $4 each or 3/$10. I've been meaning to get some for a while, but the colours that I want were always sold out. I still can't find the light blue, "Powder Blue" anywhere!!! It's driving me nuts cause it's such a pretty colour.
joe fresh nail polish
joe fresh nail polish brush
 I picked up 6 bottles recently, as you can see in the above picture. They are all pastel shades, except for Tomato, which is a bright ketchup-y red. There is a fair amount of colours available, you can view them all on their webpage, there are metallics and nudes too. I am more into these colours right now.

joe fresh kiss
 Joe Fresh "Kiss" is a purple toned pink. This is two coats, it applied pretty smoothly.

joe fresh pink
Joe Fresh "Pink" is just that, a pretty pink, on the pale side. Very runny and watery, hard to apply, needed three coats. 

joe fresh coral
Joe Fresh "Coral" is my favourite from the ones that I got. It's a peachy orange colour, I guess coral it is. This is 2 coats, application was good. This is what I wanted Essie's Tart Deco to be.

joe fresh tomato
Joe Fresh "Tomato" is just that tomato red, bright kinda orange toned red. This was okay, 2 coats. I think this colour may grow on me over time.

joe fresh butter
Joe Fresh "butter" is a pale yellow. This was a problem child to apply, this was 3 coats. It was uber streaky on first coat and got better as  you added but, it was messy. Sorry for the horrible swatch.

joe fresh faded violet
Joe Fresh "Faded Violet" is a pale purple, it's gorgeous. This was 2 coats, application was really good. I think this one similar to OPI's Done out in Deco, but I'd have to compare the two to be sure. This one was hard to find too, always sold out.

I really enjoy these polishes, they are cheap and the packaging is really cute. I really wanted to the mint one and Powder Blue especially, but they are always sold out. I think they really need to do a better job at re-stocking the shelves cause some of these colours are really popular and are always out, I've tried 3 stores now and nothing.


Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

nice! I just started experimenting with the Joe nail polishes too. I just had on the Powder Blue last week (it was amazing!) and the the Grape this week. I also LOVE the corel!
Yes, u r right that they need to restock more often. So jealous that you got the faded violet, can't find that anywhere. I am also really wanting the mint, which i also can't find! All the best with hunting them down.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful colors. Love them all. =) xx

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@Amy - Grape? I don't think I saw that colour... they totally need to restock!!! I want that powder blue.

@Luna - thank you!

shortnails said... Best Blogger Tips

hello! I'm a new follower and was surprised you were from canada. me too ! =)

I've seen the joe polishes around but I haven't quite figured if they are worth it or not. right now i'm having a purple obession so I think I will have to purchase faded violet.

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@shortnails - Hey fellow canuck! yes I am from ontario.. where you from?
The faded violet is definitely a nice one, wearing it now and one small chip with topcoat and basecoat. They are totally cute.

Helen said... Best Blogger Tips

i bought 3 joe polishes yesterday in Butter, Prune, and Nude. i tried out nude and i absolutely love the color. i have really ugly short nails and it makes my nails look pretty without drawing too much attention to them. next stop, to find Coral, the color looks absolutely gorgeous