Thursday, June 17, 2010

Review: Maybelline The Falsies Mascara

maybelline the falsies mascara
Who doesn't want their lashes to look like falsies? Personally, I wish my lashes were full enough that I didn't have to wear false lashes (I don't wear false lashes for the record), but we aren't all blessed with fluttery lashes, so we turn to mascaras that give the illusion that we do, mascara after mascara. I think this marketing scheme is really effective because all women want their lashes to have that falsies effect, so people will definitely want to buy this mascara.

Maybelline recently came out with this new mascara called "The Falsies". It comes in a very cute purple tube, looks very much like the Colossal. I am a big fan of the Volum' Express mascaras from Maybelline, I have several, if not all of them and they are my favourite drugstore mascara. I like the semi big brush, it covers my lashes well,volumizes and separates well.

maybelline falsies vs colossal

The Falsies promises to give up to 3x more visible lashes corner to corner. Well if your lashes are sparse and thin, you won't really see this, no matter how much mascara you put on. Maybelline claims to give no gaps from any angle if you use this mascara. Their new brush, "the exclusive spoon brush finds every lash... while Pro Keratin Fiber formula fills in every gap, false lash lab, instantly". Sounds pretty good. I am a fan of the spoon brush (it's a curve, but not too dramatic), I like curved brushes on mascaras, I think they work a lot better than the traditional straight across ones. Your lashes, if you curl them, are shaped like that, like a moon, 180 degree shape, so having a brush that mimics that is good. I personally love the brush on the Colossal, and the Falsies one is thinner and smaller (pictured above).

The "spoon" wand is flexible and bendy, so you can really get it in to the base of your lashes, which to me is the part that really makes it look like you have fuller lashes. In the pic above, I am not wearing eyeliner or anything, just mascara and it looks quite dark at the base and full (right eye has nothing). The mascara I picked up is in "Very Black", but you can get the "blackest black' and it would be darker. I have the Colossal in "Absolute Black" and I think that's the darkest black and it's totally black. I think it's funny there are so many variations of black!

Does this give you the false lash look? Not really, it's not dramatic enough. It's a good mascara though, I would put it up there in my top 5. So keep putting on those false ladies ladies! I think if you have pretty thick and long lashes to begin with, this mascara would be perfect for you. But don't expect miracles if you don't, I am not sure how maybelline can claim to fill in lashes that aren't there... cause only false lashes can do that.


Stavroula said... Best Blogger Tips

whoa there, lashes!!! I really like the results on you!! :) great review Justine, I'll definitely get it when I use up a couple of my current mascaras! :)

jooLee said... Best Blogger Tips

wow you have amazing lashes!

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@jooLee and Stavroula - really? I think they are pretty average. The mascara lengthens well.

kali said... Best Blogger Tips

I really want to try this but it hasn't arrived at my local CVS yet. Glad it's a good mascara but too bad it doesn't give a "False Lash" effect. I don't wear false lashes either because I'm terrible at applying them.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

looks like you have convinced me to get this soon ;)
i love lengthening mascaras !

Lady E said... Best Blogger Tips

We don't have the Colossal mascara here in the PH, only the Magnum. I really hope we'll have these Falsies. Nice lashes!