Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks Swatches and Review

revlon colorburst lipsticks
The Colorburst lipsticks from Revlon are really nice, they feel moisturizing, weighless, and are really pigmented too. The packaging is really nice, sleek, black, and quilted (Chanel inspired) on the main part. I wonder why they didn't just quilt the entire packaging, as the other sides of the lipstick case are smooth black, looks kind of weird. The lipstick bullet itself is also embossed with the "revlon" name, which is a cute touch. There is coloured top on the packaging too to indicate what the lipstick looks like inside, which is helpful in deciding which one you want in the store.

These come in a variety of colours, there are apparently 20 available. We finally got them in Canada recently. They are on for $5.24 at Rexall/Pharma Plus this week during their 50% off lip products sale. I picked up Soft Nude and Baby Pink while I was in the US last month, and got several others during the sale.

Personally, I part that I like most about these is that you don't have to lather up your lips with chapstick before you apply these, which I have to do with most lipsticks because they are so thick and drying. These just glide on, the nude one was a bit drying, but the rest were all buttery and smooth. Which gets to my one negative about these, they are so buttery and creamy that they can break easily. I feel like I have to keep these in the fridge or something, when I was swatching them they looked like they were going to break, so be careful, don't twist the bullet all the way up, just a small amount that you need, as it can break easily if you have it all the way up.

Fuschia is just that.. a bright fuschia colour. This applied really well and although it's not the type of colour that I would normally wear, I really turned out to like this.

Baby Pink is a pale pink colour, I've read people comparing it to MAC's Gaga lipstick, but this one is not as pigmented and really quite sheer. I was disappointed with this one. You could build it up more than I did, but mine was acting all weird, the lipstick started to blend to the side and I was afraid I was going to break it. Not sure if I got a bum one, but mine is very delicate.

Soft Nude is a light nude. Probably the most popular colour in this line. I find some nudes, like Rimmel's "Nude Delight" are a bit too dark for me, whereas this one works really well. It's not going to make your lips white out like concealer, it has peach tones to it for sure, like your ideal nude. This one was a bit drying, as you can tell it has grabbed to some lines on my lips, the least hydrating of the bunch. I will do a nude comparison post tomorrow showing you how this one is different than others.

Raspberry is gorgeous and a good alternative if you don't want a super red lipstick. This one is berry red, with shimmers, but not annoying obvious shimmers just pretty.

Carnation is a pretty pink, you can build this up more to get a more intense colour, nice everyday pink.

Lilac is like a plummy pink shade. Really nice and unique, nothing like this one in my collection. Not too dark.

True Red is my first straight up red lipstick.. can you believe that? I don't wear colours like this, I am more of a neutral/nude girl, but I thought I would branch out. This one was super hard to photograph since it's so glossy and bright. The swatch isn't great and it started coming off on the side, but you get the idea.... I hope. It can be a lot brighter than that too. Jessica Alba wears it well.

I know people think these lipsticks are expensive, they retail for about $10 CAD, and I wouldn't have bought that many for that price, but since they were 50% off why not? These are like the luxe lipstick of drugstore right now, they are really nice. But, I also bought two of the regular lustrous lipsticks and I must say I like the formulation of those a bit more. I will do a complete swatch and review of those soon. They aren't as creamy and more solid-like if that makes sense, I bought Just Enough Buff and Berry Haute (which is gorgeous).

What do you think of these Revlon Colorburst lipsticks? Which ones do you have?  I accidently left out Peach from this line, I will include it when I do the nude comparisons... so I actually have 8 (Baby Pink and Soft Nude will be included in the blog giveaway!) ;)


kali said... Best Blogger Tips

Very pretty. =) Glad you like them. I've heard so much about these bust still haven't bought any. I always look but never know what color to get! Maybe I'll try Soft Nude. The color on the cap for Carnation looks pretty but judging from photos, it's darker than I'd like.

Excited for your giveaway! I want to do one too -when I reach 100.

Junerose said... Best Blogger Tips

This is an awesome post! I didn't buy any of the CB lipsticks yesterday at Rexall because there were no testers. I think I'll go back for the Raspberry. If you get a chance, can you do a LOTD for the Berry Haute soon (before the sale ends on Friday)? Too bad there are no thumbs up icons I can give to this post ;)

eleventh0fapril said... Best Blogger Tips

this is so helpful for the ones i didn't get !
i only have carnation and baby pink. i agree baby pink is quite a disappointment, it's way too sheer than it looks in the tube. I wouldn't compare this to gaga lipstick, it's nowhere near it lol.
i have yet to get soft nude... when i got to rexall, it was already sold out of that one. Lilac and Fuschia is also really pretty ! Maybe I will get these while I'm there to exchange the DAMN USED rimmel one lol!!!
I would loveee to see you in the bright red lipsticks in a photo/look of the day !

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@kali - The soft nude is a good one, this collection has a lot of bright colours, there are some tans too.

@junerose - hey thanks. I can do a pic with berry haute, it's a purple colour, so nice. Ya the only tester we had was for baby pink, that was at two different stores.

@11th - nah it's not like gaga at all.... people get too excited about these things.

Annie said... Best Blogger Tips

I only tested out the baby pink one because there was a tester. I guess I applied it very thick on my hand, but it definitely applied like a mac lustre lipstick (in my opinion anyways). can't wait for your post about the nude lipsticks!

resham said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks so much for the swatches...As these have no testers, the swatches make easy to decide...:)

Angie said... Best Blogger Tips

this is such a helpful post! i'm always apprehensive about buying lipsticks without testing them out first :)

Charming Vanity said... Best Blogger Tips

I love all the colors. Think u have really pretty lips...all the colors looked soooo nice on u

VeinsofGlass14 said... Best Blogger Tips

i have fuschia, true red and coral. those are my 3 faves. im suprised you didnt review the coral shade. its amaaaazing!!!

Marilou said... Best Blogger Tips

Soft nude is super pretty! True red also, very ladylike but I've never wore vibrant red lips I'm afraid It will makes me look older. Looks good on you though!