Saturday, June 26, 2010

Review: Maybelline Superstay Lipcolour in Petal

The Maybelline Superstay lipcolour is a long-wearing lipstick with conditioning balm that promises 16 hours of wear. This product retails for about $10 CAD, I got it on sale for about $5. The Maybelline website describes this as "flexible formula moves with your lips for no caking or flaking, Ultra-conditioning, refillable balm seals in softness for all-day comfort, Golden Shimmer Balm refillable topcoat available for extra dazzle on any color." I have this in the colour Petal, #700. It was the only light pink they had. I think it would be awesome to have a lip product in a pretty shade that does not wear away over time, that you don't have to re-apply throughout the day. That is what Maybelline was going for with this product, and it's a good try, but it just doesn't deliver.

maybelline superstay petal
This should really come in a package with instructions cause I would first assume that you put the balm on first, as you would with a chapstick to prep your lips and then apply the lipcolour end, but no, you apply the lipcolour first, wait 2 minutes for it to set or whatever and then apply the balm over it. The product is numbered #1 lipcolour, and #2 conditioning balm. I found this kinda messy because the balm got pink chunks on it with repeated use, kinda gross. The application is really uneven too, it comes with a sponge tip applicator, which does not apply well.

maybelline superstay lipcolour in petal
First applied. Pretty pale pink colour. You can see the subtle shimmer in it.

After about 5 hours of wear, nowhere near the 16 hours as the product suggests that it lasts. Notice only remnants left on the corners of lips.

My main complaint with this product is that it is very drying on your lips. I would not want to wear this for 16 hours. I wore this product on two occasions, to test out it's staying power before I wrote this review. The first time, my lips were bare, did not apply anything to them in terms of a conditioner or anything, they were pretty dry, but I found the lipcolour stayed on better as it seeps into your lines of your lips, which was not a pretty look, but the colour stayed longer that way!. The second time, I moisturized and it wore away much faster (pictures above are with moisturized lips), but my lips didn't feel awful wearing it. I have a hard time with lipstick, as I am a compulsive smacker and nothing stays on, but I don't have a problem with re-applying, however it would be nice not to have to. Think of all the lipstick that we eat every year! crazy stuff.

I like the concept of this product, but it just didn't work for me. I would not re-purchase. Have you tried this?


alvira said... Best Blogger Tips

I have this in #745(wine), you are right it does not stay for 16 hours as they say but I like it because of it's color and it did not dry my lips.

Stavroula said... Best Blogger Tips

I haven't tried this, I don't like longwearing lipsticks, because generally you end up with cracked and flaky lips! :/ I like this particular color though! :)

DaMnViXeN said... Best Blogger Tips

yup i have this in a dark color its hideous!

The ViXeN's LaiR

tasha~ said... Best Blogger Tips

I got this one and it flaked and caked like crazy! Waste of money... The CoverGirl outlast ones are way better but still very drying...