Saturday, January 29, 2011

Review: Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder

This is Part 2 of my Maybelline Fit Me review, check out yesterday's review on the foundation (if you haven't already) today I am talking about the pressed powder. I have this in 110 just like my co-ordinating foundation colour. As you all know, the Fit me line has a matching powder, concealer, blush and bronzer to go with your foundation shade. There are 18 powder shades available, one for every foundation shade. I am normally not a powder girl, since I have dry skin, but I opted to give this a try because I had great coupons to use on these products and ended up paying about $4 for each item. The powder is advertised as "natural coverage that leaves skin the way it is meant to be, fresh, breathing and flawless, no oils, no waxes, no nonsense".

The pressed powder comes in a chic black packaging, it's squared, but once you open the powder it's round, it would of been cool to have a square pan, but whatever. It has a compartment underneath for a puff and a mirror on the back of the powder too. I would of preferred the mirror to be on top of the powder itself, instead of the see-through top in my opinion. Notice the ugly Walmart sticker on the side of the compact? Love that.. why do company's ruin pretty packaging? I can't get this sticky stuff off!

The matching powder and foundation do not look to be the same colour, the powder looks much lighter. But actually (and this is a fault in the colouring of this line) the powder once applied is DARKER than the foundation. I was tempted to buy 115 since it's darker, but that colour is very pink in the powder and I suspect VERY pink once applied. This powder does oxidize (when used with this foundation) so please be careful what shade you choose.

I found the coverage of this powder to be comparable to MAC's Mineralized Skin Finish Natural (except MAC's powder is much smoother). I have MSFN in the colour 'Light' and as you can tell it's a tad darker in the pan and more yellow swatched. I use both as a setting powder only since the coverage is so minimal. Since the Fit Me foundation itself is so dewy and wet-feeling, I feel like the powder is really necessary (or some powder anyway) to set it better. I like that this powder does not make me itch and it works on my dry skin (which is new for drugstore powders for me). It's not hydrating or anything, but it does not dry out my face, feels comfortable on.

Here are the ingredients on the back for those interested, first ingredient is Talc. That's the Walmart sticker on the bottom left that ripped up part of the label. I feel this powder is nice, nothing wow, and nothing worth running out to get. I think it works nicely with the Fit Me foundation, but any powder would.

Have you tried the Fit Me powder?


Shaylee Anne said... Best Blogger Tips

I totally agree with you - a square pan would have been cool! haha I would have never thought of that if you hadn't have said it!

I think I'll probably just stick with my MAC MSFN since its so close - I have a ton of powders so if its nothing special I'll probably pass on this too! Thanks for the review!

Junerose said... Best Blogger Tips

Here's a tip for getting rid of those sticky residues from stickers. I hate them, too. Find the greasiest cream or lotion that you have. Slather it all over the residue. Wait a couple of days, then wipe the entire area with a cotton pad. The stuff comes right off! It has worked for me every time. Rubbing alcohol works, too, but it tends to damage certain types of plastic.

Good reviews on the Fit Me line. I am looking forward to the concealer one as I am always searching for a good concealer.

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@Shaylee Anne - I find powders don't really wow me to begin with, unless they do some crazy stuff like hydrate your face, ya this powder is average.

@Junerose - Thanks for the removing stickers tip, I will have to try that out. Concealer review coming up.

spiffykerms said... Best Blogger Tips

Did you end up picking it up at Walmart, or Shoppers? I've been looking for it... and since you say it's pretty comparable to MAC's MSF (which I've never tried) I"m interested in taking a peak.

Though, I have no idea how to pick out powders for my face ... or any color by myself really. I like to always get swatched by a MUA or someone who knows what they're doing. If I head to shoppers, maybe someone can help me out there lol.

Tracy D said... Best Blogger Tips

Great review Justine, I would have never thought of the square thing either! I think I like this powder so far, but I only use it as a touch up powder, different than how I use my MAC MSF. I am happy with the color but again I don't have the foundation, so I don't know how well it matches to my shade. So curious to hear your thoughts on the concealer!

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@spiffykerms - I got all my Fit me stuff at Walmart, the only place that has it around my area anyway. I wouldn't expect the Shoppers girls to know anything about colour matching lol, but I guess you can try. This line is supposed to make all this easier however, once you choose the foundation colour, there is a matching powder, concealer, bronzer, blush to go with it. Are you just interested in the powder? I find they swatch darker than they look in the pan.

Sher said... Best Blogger Tips

I absolutely love the packaging! i wish I had gotten it but I do still have quite a few powders that need to be finished up...

also I agree with the sticky thing walmart likes to put! I always have so much trouble taking it off and then it stays sticky.. pain in the butt!

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@spiffykerms - a site that I use to find the right foundation shade match for me is temptalia's foundation matrix if you haven't checked it out, definitely do.

xoladiihoneyxo said... Best Blogger Tips

At Walgreens right now, its 40% off of all Maybelline products so it'll be cheaper there. I got 220 and I think its a tad dark =T Made my skin look really tan. I might get a shade lighter just because it doesn't match with my neck.

Justine (Productrater) said... Best Blogger Tips

@xoladiihoneyxo - Cool, I am in Canada so no Walgreens for me.