Monday, January 10, 2011

Get Barry M To Canada!

Surely you've heard of Barry M Cosmetics? They are one of UK's affordable cosmetics line, they are known for their vivid use of colour in their products. I've watched many youtube videos on their products. Most of all I've always wanted to get my hands on their dazzledusts, nail paints (what the british call nail polish) and lip paints (lipsticks). I recently heard that they were trying to break into the Canadian market, so I contacted one of their PR reps and asked me they'd like to send me some samples of their products. Barry M is only sold in the UK at the moment, so being in Canada, I had no access to any of their stuff. I was pleased when I received a package last week containing some of their items!

Here are the lip product that I was sent, the lip paint (lipstick) in 100 Baby Pink and the lip gloss in 05 Bubblegum Pink.

The lip paint is definitely concealer lips going on, this went on much lighter than it appears in the tube. It is quite opaque, but pretty drying, so definitely wear a gloss over this.

Here is the lip gloss, which is a pretty pink with lavender undertones. This smells like Hubba Hubba gum! This one is going into my purse, I really like this.

And here with the gloss layered over the paint paint, I think it makes it more wearable, but this is still quite dramatic and very light. I would really like to try their 147 shade, which is a peachy pink.

The two nail paints included were Mushroom (top) and Mint Green (bottom). I love the Mushroom one, was glad to see this in the package, it's a medium brown with grey undertones (the picture makes it look more warm, but it's actually cool toned I think). It's "greige" shade for sure, and Mushroom is the perfect name for it. The other one Mint Green is a bright light green colour, this one was harder to apply than Mushroom (which applied beautifully in one coat), but is still really nice. I would definitely pick up more nail polishes from Barry M if I get the chance.

The blush(er) is a hot pink with purple undertones, "Pink Orchid". I like how the British call blush, 'blusher' so cute. I have nothing like this in my blush collection surprisingly (since I am more into peachy tones) so this was nice to have. I think it's comparable to MAC's Pink Swoon.

I got a Shimmering Eye and Lip Crayon in 07 Golden Bronze. I wouldn't use this on my lips, but it will make for a nice eyeshadow perhaps. And the Eye Kohl in 06 Electric Blue is a pretty bright blue, will make for a nice bold eyeliner colour.

I got some Dazzledusts, which are like pigments, included were 98 Petrol Black and 22 Electric Blue. I like these a lot, the containers are small, but you get a lot in there. The Petrol Black (close up above) is really unique, it has iridescent purple and green bits in it. I was surprised by the name since it doesn't look black to me at all.

Most of all I am pleased to finally get my hands on the nail paints. I am excited to see more once they start selling these products in Canada. I will covet these items. Thank you Barry M for sending me these and I urge you all to check out their site and their Get Barry M Into Canada! Facebook page if you are in Canada and anticipate their products hitting stores near you.

Have you tried any Barry M products?


Shaylee Anne said... Best Blogger Tips

That brownish Dazzledust is gorgeous! It reminds me of a loose Too Faced Label Whore! I definitely hope they come to Canada soon as I have no connections in the UK haha!

Great post! :)

Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

I really hope Barry M comes here! My family is from the UK and I used to go a lot and would always stock up on stuff. I espeically love their Dazzledusts and nail polishes. I have the 147 lip paint and it's actually more of a dark peach/orange.

Lauren said... Best Blogger Tips

You're very lucky, i'd love to receive this stuff!
I do love Barry M, I am pretty happy to be able to pick things up whenever I like, its usually on special offer too!

RoAmyLive said... Best Blogger Tips

Lucky girl! I've always wanted to try Barry M products!


Tracy@mybestbeautybuys said... Best Blogger Tips

Aren't you the lucky girl. A lip gloss that smells like Hubba Bubba...yes please!

Crystal said... Best Blogger Tips

I haven't tried them either but have wanted to for a long time! It would be great if they came to Canada :)

Ashley said... Best Blogger Tips

I wish I was into make-up the year I went on a 2 week trip around Europe. I am dying to get my hands on some of their products now.
I've already "liked" their Facebook page but I wish I could be of more help! European & Asian cosmetics are so much cooler than North American cosmetics!

Michelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Now they need to come to Australia! :D I'm liking the look of their nail polishes and the lipgloss!

Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

thats so exciting!! I hate how Canadians are always the last to get everything...I love going to the states and seeing all the different make-up brands that we don't carry like sonia kashuk(love her brushes) great post and hopefully in the near future I can check out those products!

Junerose said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the colors of the n/p, blush and lipgloss. Everything looks lovely, except for that lipstick shade =[ It's a difficult shade to wear for anyone, imo.

Robyn said... Best Blogger Tips

We don't call nail polish nail paint, it's just Barry M that does! I wish you guys could get it, though, it's a fantastic brand!