Friday, November 4, 2011

MAC Glitter and Ice Haul Morning Frost Paint Pot

MAC Glitter and Ice Holiday Collection came out recently. I really liked the theme of this one, it has an icy Snow Bunny type of feel to it. This collection had a bunch of new items, including paint pots, beauty powders, lipsticks, new brush kits, etc. I only items that I was interested in were the paint pots. I love paint paints and had my eye on "Morning Frost" from the promotional pictures. I didn't buy this online, like I normally do with MAC collections because I wanted to swatch it in person because I was worried it might be glittery and fallouty like the Cham Pale paint pots. But I was pleasantly surprised.

The packaging for this collection is really cute, all the items come in shiny silver boxes (like Christmas!) and white lids. This paint pot will stand out amongst all my black lids. (Colour on nail is Sally Hansan's Instant Dri in Bronze Albaze nice colour and goes well with this product).

Morning Frost is described as a "shimmering champagne taupe" which is pretty much a perfect description. This is the "it" colour that everyone likes, on their nails, on their eyes, it's a great winterized shade. Paint pots in this collection are limited edition ($22 CAD each), the other two Let's Skate and For Effect were pretty too, but they looked too glittery and I thought I would get more wear out of this one.

After bringing it home, I thought I had a similar shade and after rummaging through my dresser of abandoned makeup, I found Benefit's Birthday Suit Creaseless Creme Shadow which is similar upon first glance.

But as you can tell Birthday Suit is more brown and lighter when swatched, and Morning Frost is definitely more purple/taupe based. I would definitely suggest you pick up Morning Frost if you like colours like this. Paint pots make for a great base under eyeshadow or even on their own. I really like this one.

Did you pick up anything from MAC's Glitter and Ice?


Liz (Beauty Reductionista) said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, thank goodness you did a comparison with Birthday Suit! I am a little tempted by the Paint Pots but not very impressed with the collection in general. I'll just keep on walking. ;)

prettyaspeaches said... Best Blogger Tips

I bought the white and the black paint pot from this collection (completely forgot their names!) I've only had a chance to use the white one so far but I'm really disappointed to find that the micro glitter in it migrates to under my eyes. Ugh. WHat about this color? I think this was the only color that didn't have the microglitter in it.

socialitedreams said... Best Blogger Tips

i thought it'd be way close to my birthday suit but i actually like it better. good swatch :)

Summer Loren said... Best Blogger Tips

It's such a pretty colour! Gorgeous! x

D.Sadie (D.G.S.Beauty) said... Best Blogger Tips

I was tempted to buy them but i resisted. so pretty.

JC ♔ said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful haul! I also picked up a few PP's from this collection.

Janet said... Best Blogger Tips

nice haul! I was thinking to get it from M.A.C too~

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG Thank you so much for this review!
I've already ordered 'Morning frost', but was worried it'd be like 'Birthday suit'.
It's so much more metallic than 'Birthday suit'! And a much more special colour. Plus I think paint pots are a nicer consistency.

Eden-Avalon said... Best Blogger Tips

It doesn't look like Birthday suit at all, but it really reminds me of one of my Tarte cream shadows.

♥ J said... Best Blogger Tips

I love MAC paint pots!!!
their new glitter and ice colors are allllll very very pretty!!!