Thursday, July 15, 2010

Review: Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation

This was one of those products that I was afraid to try out, as the reviews are mixed for sure. But it was on sale, (I paid $6.99 CDN for it at Shoppers Drug Mart) and I thought, to hell with it, I wanna see for myself. I remember the Adriana Lima commercials for this and it totally sold me. I picked it up in the colour, "Classic Ivory" the lighter one "Porcelain Ivory" was too ashy and white looking on my hand. Karla Sugar has a great swatch picture of the shades that this foundation comes in here (click me). I like the packaging a lot, the sanitary pump gets huge props from me, all foundations should include a pump, period.

Dream Liquid Mousse is a "liquid mousse foundation, an air-whipped formulation that promises to give smooth, 100% poreless finish, natural airbrushed perfection that blends effortlessly" according to the Maybelline website. I don't know how you would get 100% poreless finish... if you have visible pores, you can cover them up, but they will still show through if your foundation gives a natural finish right? My pores are not terrible, and I always use a primer underneath my makeup, or at least a good moisturizer to fill in anything ugly, I didn't expect this foundation to provide what it claims in the quote above. I do however like the texture of this foundation, it's on the thick side (like a liquid mousse would be), but blends really well and gives adequate coverage without looking cakey.

I have dry skin and this foundation did feel on the greasy side on my skin, throughout the day, I would touch my face and could feel that foundation lingering there, so I think it transfers really easily. You absolutely have to set this foundation with a powder, or else you will feel it on your skin throughout the day, it has that wet feel, as if it doesn't really dry or set at all. For dry skin, I think this is a good drugstore choice for a foundation as it is hydrating and gives a nice satin finish. For oily skin, I would definitely pass on this one as it would be too greasy feeling and will just slide off your face. Also if you want full coverage, this is not for you either. I also think this foundation is not really suited for warm climates, because of that grease factor, I think it would work much better during the fall and winter.

The packaging is probably the best of any drugstore foundation, the pump enables you to dispense as little product as you want, so no wastage, and the pump locks too. It comes in a glass bottle, which is nice too. I don't know why drugstores put out foundations without pumps.. people want pumps!!! I use two pumps of this, could use 1.5 and it covers everything, so you don't need a lot at all.

I have read that lots of people breakout from this foundation and I can see why, it doesn't feel oil-free at all. I haven't experienced any breakouts, but I am still waiting to really test out that part of this.. I will report back if it does cause zits to appear. So far so good though. I am happy with the coverage too, I would say it's light-medium, you can layer it easily adding more if you feel that you need it, the kind of coverage that I want for the summer for sure (except it does not contain SPF which sucks). I think this is one of those foundations that isn't for everyone, depending on your skin type, you can get good or bad results with this one. I did try the Dream Matte Mousse previously and that one was not for me at all (too messy, too thick), this one is a different story.

Have you tried this? Did you love it, hate it, neutral?


Milz said... Best Blogger Tips

I have this foundation in the same shade and I have really dry skin so it works for me and I also read mixed reviews about it but I think it is a good foundation I like it and I didnot experience any break out but you are right it is not a good choice for warm climate I live in a very warm area so I use it only in winter

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I heard alot of mixed reviews about this foundation and did try it out myself. I have oily/combination skin and this foundation is too greasy for me, even when I set it with powder. Fortunately for me I didn't get any zits ;)

Overall I HATE this foundation :P


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Your reviews are always really great and this one doesn't disapoint- I think i'll pass on this as I have oily skin but thanks for the heads up as i'm looking for a new foundation :)

Princess Feef said... Best Blogger Tips

i hate this foundation =( it didnt work for me at all

i have very oily skin ,, and i found that it just rubs off my face ! no matter what primer/ setting powder i use ..

but the dream matt powder is great !

Irene Blushing Loves said... Best Blogger Tips

I have oily skin and didnt work for me so I give it away but for dry skin it can work!!!thanks for the review!hugs

Stevista said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the review Justine! I have oily skin, so this wouldn't work for me! Btw I'm loving your nail polish! ;)


Justine (Productrater) said... Best Blogger Tips

@Stavroula - haha it's orly mint mojito.

Thanks for the comments guys, it's definitely one of those varying results type of products.. I can see why people wouldn't like it though for sure, too oily/greasy.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

thanks for the review! I have combination oily skin and I don't think this product will work for me too. Hate it when a product says it's oil free but it still comes out looking very oily...

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I absolutely LOVEEEE this product. But you are right in saying that it's not for everyone. Great review:)