Friday, June 12, 2009

Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Eyeshadow for Green Eyes

This eyeshadow is meant to enhance different eye colours, with the different colours of eyeshadow that you get. They can be used as liners. I like the packaging of this, again PF is really good with their packaging, they make their products look really expensive and nice. 

The product's application on me was so-so. I was hoping for these shadows to show up more, but I found it was quite sheer. The only ones that really stood out were the darker colours, the purples, dark green and brown. The idea that green shadow emphasizes green eyes shouldn't really make sense to me either. I wouldn't repurchase this product again, I own so much eyeshadow already, I think I am going to return this, and that says a lot, cause I very rarely return products. 

Monday, June 1, 2009

Physician's Formula Blushing Peach Blush

I love these multi-colour powders from Physician's Formula. The product comes with a bunch of different colours that you swirl together to get that peach look. I give props to PF for putting a brush and mirror in these, but, no one is ever going to use the brush, it's scratchy and I would much rather get more product than have a large opening for the brush.

The packaging is rather deceiving, you think you are getting a lot more product, then you open it and are sadly mistaken. good thing these are on sale all the time. I got this recently for 40% off, and there are rebates available online too, so you end up paying like $6 canadian for this in the end, which is really good for the quality that you get.

The blush is pretty, it's a peachy/pink, a little shimmer in it. It shows up on my skin, looks natural.