Friday, March 12, 2010

MAC Liberty of London!

MAC's Give me Liberty of London collection came out recently. I was pretty excited about this collection because packaging is a big thing for me, and the packaging on this stuff was so cute. With all the glooming weather we'd had lately (I live in Canada), this collection was like a breath of fresh air, like birds chirping outside my window in the morning. I wasn't sure what I was going to get at first, but decided the packging was soo cute on the beauty powders and went with the two that came in this collection.

Here are some pictures of the packaging...
The packaging looks like a partial coloured in colouring book to me, the birds look kinda freaky I must say. I will definitely keep the boxes.

Here is the inside of the box, it has that flower design that came on the tops of the eyshadow pots in this collection.

Here is what the beauty powder compact looks like, it's white all around, the label on the back is black. The detailing on the front is on a kind of raised surface on the compact, it's not a sticker.

And here are the beauty powders, Summer Rose on the left, and Shell Pearl on the right. These are my first beauty powders from MAC ever. They were $30 CAD each, which is kinda pricey, but they are larger than regular blushes and come with a nice mirror inside and the packaging is soo cute.  I ordered these online from MAC, wish I love doing because shipping is always free (there is always a code availalbe) and they always come next day. I hadn't seen these products in stores prior to buying them, the collection was released online first, then in stores, and I snatched them up.

I have read that these beauty powders, especially Shell Pearl will show up more as a highlighter on some people because it is quite light, but since I am quite fair, it shows up fine for me. I wore it over Melba the other night and it looked really good. Both of these products are repromotes, Summer Rose came out with the Rose Romance collection, and Shell Pearl came out around Christmas last with the mineralized kits. I have also read that some girls on youtube bought these, just to pop out the product and put their MSFN in there to carry around in their purse, girls are funny that way. I like these beauty powders a lot so far.

What did you get from the collection? I wanted to get the Prim and Proper blush, but decided it was too muddy and dark. Also wanted some of the eyeshadows, like Birds and Berries that everyone was going crazy over, but I have enough shadows. The Blooming Lovely l/s looked good too, but would I wear it? Probably not.


tracyo said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the little boxes and the containers...they are so cute!

Awesome blog!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

hey justine, thanks for checking my haul from this collection :)
are you tempted to get the lipstick ? =P
i havent really been wearing the lipstick. i find that sometimes i look so purple with it and same with the looks like the color really pops, i think im juss going to wear that once in awhile. its not an everyday wear, in my opinion.
but those blushes you got, are soooo pretty, im jealous lol.